A Real Go-Go at Onspring Connect

By Kyle Graves

After spending the better part of a week in Colorado Springs at the edge of the Rocky Mountains, I don’t want to say it was a letdown coming back to Kansas City, but I definitely felt a little post-event sadness. Throughout the course of the year, we do a slow build to our Onspring Connect user conference, preparing presentations, setting up special meetings, training sessions, labs and fun events that will make up the itinerary for everyone who attends. The final months of prep work are more harried—last second changes, adding attendees, and for me personally, polishing up everything I plan on bringing to the table when I meet with clients and prospects.

I ready myself so I can help make connections happen.

The purpose of Connect is to give the Onspring community—my colleagues, our clients and hopeful prospects—a place to meet, talk and learn about the new functionalities that Onspring has, as well as the enhancements we’re planning. When we first conceived the conference, we wanted Onspring Connect to be a free-thinking gathering that wouldn’t just enhance our clients’ experience, but also raise up our involvement and understanding with them.

I think we’ve achieved that original vision, and then some. We have demonstrated the value of getting together, sharing and learning. At a lot of events like Onspring Connect—remember, I’m a salesman—people feel the need to always be selling. That’s not what Connect is, it’s not what we intended it to be and I’m glad that everything we envisioned for the event is what it has become.

Shake and Bake

One of the evening events at Onspring Connect was racing go karts—it ended up being my favorite activity and was a blast. After a long day of training and presentations, the speed of the karts and the camaraderie of the venue was exhilarating. It also ended up being a fun-spirited competition and everyone had a great time driving, racing and trying to win; prizes were given to the best drivers of the night. Fellow Onspringer Mark Scheinkoenig and I were dressed perfectly for the occasion, decked out in our best racing gear (see the pic).

Overall, the kart fun was tremendous and like the entire Connect experience, I could go on and on about it. But I think it’s more important for me to include the thoughts of a few of my colleagues in this post, as well as the words and feelings from a couple of our clients about their experience.

Great Feelings

One of the things that Onspring takes great pride in is our support team—not only do we strive to meet our clients’ expectations when they need help or guidance, we try to surpass them. We were lucky to have an Onspring support team member attend the conference.

“The wonderful thing about Connect is we get to see how our clients are using the product and how the product is innovating their business processes,” Wesley Peak, Onspring Support Analyst told me about his Connect interactions. “Not only that, but our clients connect with each other and are inspired to use the tool in new ways. I am often taken aback by the creativity and ingenuity that they exhibit, and I came back to Kansas City freshly inspired and ready to get to work.”

“I love being able to see our clients come together and present their personal use cases in front of one another,” Kailyn Schutte, one of our Senior Consultants said of her time in Colorado Springs. “The presentations allow for a great collaboration of effort from the Onspring community. Everyone walks away with new ideas and enhancements to take back to their own Onspring processes and work.”

And then there were some of our clients, who shared their thoughts about Onspring at the event.

“You don’t realize the time you’re wasting,” Mike DeCero of TDS said of using Onspring, “until the need for that time is gone and you’re freed up.” And then he added, as if regaining time wasn’t enough, “I love what we get from Onspring with data visualization.”

“Onspring is fast, efficient, colorful…and it works,” another Onspring client said. “At my company, Onspring is a success story in and of itself in that people close to retirement were motivated and excited to learn the tool.”

On a daily basis, our customers are well-taken care of by Jeremy Owsley, Onspring’s Client Success Manager. He made a lot of great connections at the event.

“At Connect, innovation is rampant. Seeing the relationships that were made was amazing,” Owsley told me. “Witnessing how clients use Onspring from an operational platform to tracking employee safety in natural disaster situations was mesmerizing and inspiring.

“I know that our clients not only have a personal interest in success, but they’re willing to share their achievements with others. I was truly moved seeing the exchange of ideas and information.”

Starts with a Handshake

When new clients or prospects come to an event like Onspring Connect they realize that their experience will be unique, and they quickly learn that they will be treated differently than expected. When it comes to our philosophy, Matt Pugh, Onspring’s Executive Vice President of Products, says it best.

“Events like this are typically started with a handshake,” Pugh said about Onspring Connect 2019. “But we start with a handshake and end with a hug.”

As the Onspring team, our clients and everyone else prepared to leave the Rocky Mountains, let me tell you, there were a lot of hugs.

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