Administrator’s Toolkit Part 2: Admin Audit History Report

Juggle, juggle, juggle. It feels like this is the theme of my life right now. My husband and I are both advancing in our careers, balancing work travel, after hours of events and meetings as well as busy workdays. We trot our almost one-year-old daughter around to family while we are occupied and do our best to spend meaningful time with her when we can. We have been working on a very expansive DIY basement remodel project that seems like it will never end (can I get a witness?). Both of us volunteer at our church multiple times a month. We also try to sneak a date night or two in the mix. With our 10-year wedding anniversary coming up this summer, we’re lucky to have what I refer to as a camel relationship. We go, go, go, then get a little refreshing drink of connection—enough to last us through the next season of go, go, go.

And honestly, I wouldn’t have it any other way.

If I could get a report on how I spend my time, I would be thankful to see the variety of activities and meaningful ways I spend my days. With the constant back and forth, however, it can be a little hard to get an idea on how much time I’ve spent working on a certain task or project.

Thankfully, with my Onspring work, I can get a report of how I’ve spent my time in the tool. Two of my primary job responsibilities involve active, regular configuration of Onspring instances. First, my role as a System Administrator of our own internal Onspring corporate instance requires new and updated configuration as our process and teams grow. Second, as a Solution Engineer, I’m regularly configuring Proof of Concept instances to help fully align a process or workflow with an organization’s specific structure, hierarchy or methodology.

Both are wonderful rabbit holes to travel through. Sometimes I may log in and configure for 10 minutes, then move on to an appointment or higher priority need. Or, sometimes I can spend hours building and designing, only realizing it’s two hours past lunch when my stomach roars at me. I prefer to spend my time doing the work than worrying about my time. Enter, the Onspring Admin Audit History report. This report logs every configuration change made in the system. When I finish a project or need to count up the hours I spend administering our internal site, I pull up this report, set my filters based on my user account and date range (if any). Once I have my filters set, I export the data to Excel.

In Excel, I compare my time entries and calculate a number of minutes. If the time frame exceeds 20 minutes or so, I know that means I probably moved on to something else, so I remove that entry and move onto the next. Once I calculate my comparisons, I can sum the time frame in Excel and share that total elsewhere, maybe in a project tracking record. Sometimes I like to import all that content back into the system as a configuration update record. It stores the time I spent as well as the nature of the changes I made. Then, Onspring can calculate my total time spent directly related to the project. I also can run additional report comparisons by App, type of change or specific date of change, if I so choose.

And just like that, I can know I spent 8 hours working on a POC or 2 hours last week working on updating our internal instance. One less thing to juggle!

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