Administrator’s Toolkit Part I: Change Management

I’ve been blessed to wear many hats at Onspring, from customer support, to configuration services, to sales engineering and more. One of my newer initiatives that I’m very excited about is to serve as Onspring’s internal System Administrator. In this role, I get to put on my admin hat and employ the features of the Onspring platform to make life easier for myself and my colleagues. With its automation and flexibility, Onspring enables admins to enforce policy, manage repetitive tasks, and notify team members based on changes or schedules.

My first order of business in this new role was to set up a Change Request Tracker app in Onspring. This helps me document the requests that come my way to update configurations in our Onspring instance. Although the Admin Audit History always shows me time-stamped and itemized configuration changes, I found I was having trouble remembering rationales and discussions around those changes. In addition, I was receiving duplicate requests in separate emails and had trouble keeping all parties in the loop. This is a change management problem the Onspring platform can easily solve!

Change Management App

I configured a simple app with two-step workflow to manage Onspring change requests. Here’s what it looks like:

Request Details:

  • Who submitted the request (key for notifications and testing changes)
  • New App or updates to existing Apps
  • If new, the user must provide the name of the App and the description
  • If updating, the user must select the relevant Apps

Completion Timeline:

  • Is the request time-sensitive or as soon as can be addressed in the queue?
  • Scope—what needs to be updated or created?

Configuration Details:

  • Explanation of the configurations needed
  • Optional attachments or images

Completion Process:

  • Upon submission, I receive an email with a summary of the request, and the request enters a queue report on our Home dashboard in Onspring.
  • I review and complete the updates requested.
  • I mark the request as “Send to Requester,” and it enters Onspring workflow.

Change Management Workflow & Collaboration

  • Upon entering a change request in workflow within Onspring, I can add optional enrollment comments to include in a message to the requester.
  • The submitter/requester receives an email, alerting them that their change is ready to review along with any completion and enrollment comments I provide.
  • When the submitter/requester reviews the changes, they can:
    • Approve the workflow stage, which closes the request
    • Reject the workflow stage, sending it to a “More Configuration Requested” stage, which emails me their rejection reasons and comments
    • We can repeat these steps until the requester is content with the updates

I have already seen three primary advantages from this new process:

  • Documentation of the discussion, the rationale for changes, and the requester’s sign off
  • Easier prioritization as I make time for system administrator activities
  • Centralized repository of requests rather than many emails received at varying times and detail

Want a copy of this app or more information? Contact us!

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