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Your Corporate Counsel Dealings Just Got Easier

By Jason Rohlf

Back in my days as an Internal Auditor, I usually had access to all that was happening across our organization. This vantage point was particularly valuable when I took on the primary responsibility of analyzing the large mountains of data that supported the processes we reviewed. I didn’t know it at the time, but data analysis and I were a match made in heaven.

Simply put, I loved it!

Whether it was looking for duplicate payments, split payments—no payments—or fishy-smelling expenses and other hard-to-notice suspicious activity, I got a major kick out of tracking down the data, loading it into my analysis program and looking for that one particular needle in the stack. As long as I can remember, my mind has been geared towards identifying patterns, associations and logical groupings—hard problems seemed to click within my brain.

Here at Onspring, I also sit in a unique position. My primary responsibility is to define, configure and refine our solutions so that they meet the needs of our clients and the broader market. I facilitate this by doing a lot of research and reading and I leverage the Onspring Platform to make concepts and ideas a functional reality. As part of this process, I have worked to solidify and enhance my understanding of the needs of users who rely on Onspring to help them manage their GRC and other critical business processes, and I have expanded my understanding of other areas where I once had only a casual understanding of their scope and purpose. This puts me in an advantageous position. Not only do I get to dive deep into process areas like Audit, Compliance, Risk, Vendor, Policy, Incident, Business Continuity and the rest—needle hunting, so to speak—but I also get to identify and recommend key connection points between all of these critical functions.

Needless to say, I love this, too.

Given the natural inclinations of my unconventional thought process, I recently noticed a few patterns that spread across many of these solution areas:

  • Internal Auditors evaluate areas of their organizations that deal with sensitive or privileged information. In these cases, they consult with internal legal resources to ensure their work is properly classified and access-controlled.
  • The Legal team is concerned with the organization’s ability to demonstrate alignment and compliance with both internal company policies and external laws, rules and regulations.
  • When onboarding new vendors that will have access to restricted or confidential company information, the Legal team must be part of the approval process.
  • On the topic of contracting with third parties, there is typically some level of Legal review and approval involved.
  • Legal review and involvement may be required when certain types of incidents are identified and reported.

Gaining Control of Legal Matters

Beyond these general use cases, there are a wide variety of other use cases where your organization may need to engage the Legal group (or Corporate Counsel or In-House Counsel) as part of the evaluation, review and approval process. It could be an HR issue, an intellectual property dispute, an Insurance Policy review or a request for general Legal assistance, but the need remains the same—due diligence points to the need to present the matter to Legal for their sign off before proceeding.

From the perspective of the Legal professional, this demand on their time and effort can be difficult to capture, organize and manage. Time is, as we all know, expensive. Many of these requests are mission-critical and time-sensitive, some require specific legal expertise, while others may be issues that balloon into a legal matter that needs to be managed and monitored at a more detailed level. Looking at all of the numerous variables leads to a simple conclusion: managing the litany of requests and demands is daunting, at the very least.

And now for what you’ve been waiting for…the cure for this legal-task fatigue.

I am happy to introduce the Onspring Corporate Counsel solution! It allows Legal teams of all shapes and sizes to manage the requests, reviews, matters—all of those important things—that requires their attention.

A Solution That Works For Everyone

Onspring already has best in-class solutions that help professionals of all types manage their critical processes in a controlled and efficient manner. Many of these professionals also rely upon the Legal team to protect them and their organization from legal purgatory. When it comes to managing these requests, as well as any associated legal matters and supporting functions, Corporate Counsel departments have the same needs as the professionals they support—managing the aspects of their process in a structured and access-controlled manner. Taking care of business, in other words.

In short, Onspring’s new in house legal software allows Legal teams to:

  • Manage internal requests for legal services through a central repository
  • Track legal reviews of contracts, transactions, complaints, disputes, litigation and resolutions
  • Capture and reference libraries of legal clauses, opinions and research
  • Coordinate with risk management, compliance, audit and other critical functions
  • Share information with colleagues via role-based dashboards and reports

There is also one more huge advantage: Because all Onspring solutions are built on the same dynamic, no-code platform, Legal teams can define and implement their processes in the manner that best suits their specific needs, as well as quickly and easily connect their efforts to the other key process areas managed within Onspring. This is a big plus and creates a solution where the Legal team can position themselves at the center of all essential organization initiatives.

Nemo ius ignoratur censetur! (Translation: Not knowing the law is harmful.)

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