Audit Software: Getting Ready to Audit the Fish

By Tommy Larson

Once a year, usually in late July or early August, my family embarks on a fishing trip to Ontario, Canada. We have been going for years now and it has grown into a full-blown tradition. To me, there is nothing like the relaxation that comes from being out on a boat with my grandpa, nothing to do but catch fish. No nagging emails, game apps or calls—there’s no cellular service. The only task at hand is to fish all day, take some time to do a fish fry for lunch, and then make it home by the time the sun sets to cook up dinner. Now that I think about it, the trips always seem to end up being exclusively food oriented.

Kings of Prep

My grandpa has been going up to various lakes in Ontario through a series of outfitters since the 1970s, and as such, he does not mess around when it comes to trip preparation. We start getting ready early—months away from the excursion—pulling out the gear, packing and purchasing new items. Our bags are packed at least a full week ahead of our departure date, sometimes earlier. In a way, a lot of the fun and excitement of the trip comes before we ever get to a lake and put a line in the water. No doubt, people would be baffled and maybe taken aback at the amount of equipment we bring and the amount of money we spend before the trip—we have a gas-powered blender to make margaritas at night and airtight coolers to ensure that the food we fly in stays fresh. It’s safe to say that we aren’t the spitting image of rough outdoorsy mountain men, but we know who we are, and we accept it for what its worth. I’m certain that if you gave Paul Bunyan a delicious frozen beverage after a hard day’s work of logging, he would put a tequila distillery or two out of business in a weeks’ time—but I digress.

The point of my story is that the long hours of preparation and logistical planning my family goes through to get ready for the fishing trip is why it is always a success. It’s because of the months of work that I get to share amazing, once-in-a-lifetime moments with my dad, brothers, uncle, cousin and grandpa. The planning and preparation are especially worth it in the end because my brothers and I grew with each passing year and trip. We learned to respect others and remain patient when all we wanted was a fish to bite.

And wouldn’t you know it, looking back on my recent excursion to Canada, that preparation for the trip parallels my work as a salesperson at Onspring.

You Knew This Was About Audit Software

I’ll start with this: I cannot stress how important it is to be prepared before buying an audit software solution. Much like my fishing trip, you should begin defining your requirements and planning early on, maybe even wade around in research materials for a few months before beginning the purchasing process itself. It is of paramount importance to ask yourself the tough questions that will  shape and define your scope—questions around your budget, specific needs, timeline and workflow requirements tend to work best. Once you have a handle on what it is you are looking for—be it a point solution that focuses strictly on Audit, or perhaps something more robust, like an entire GRC platform—I recommend that you begin building a list of potential software solutions that can appropriately satiate the base levels of needs.

Check Out the Vendors

Take your selected vendors and do a thorough vetting process—test their metal by doing background research on them. Hunt down and look into legitimate customer reviews on reputable websites like Info-Tech Research Group, Capterra and Peer Insights. Ask colleagues who use or have used audit software in the past and get recommendations from them. Once you have created a short list based on your research, get pricing information on the top three-to-five software products. Remember, I’m talking about legitimate, total pricing. Not just the “slick-looking” sticker price, but the real price that accounts for the cost to implement, to fit with your current processes and the possible/probable non-financial factors ranging from support availability to training options.

A Successful Audit “Trip”

What all of this means is simple; I sincerely promise that if you do all the prep work I’ve outlined and noted above, then your audit software buying process will be seamless and effective. Doing it right the first time saves you time and money, and sure, sometimes it might feel unnecessary doing so much work on the front end, but trust me on this one. Whether it’s for a fishing trip or researching audit software—really anything in life—I’ve found that something worth doing is worth overdoing. After doing the research, I think you’ll find that Onspring’s audit solution, and GRC platform, is the best—check out our awards. And now, back to fishing.

One of the main objectives and goals I have on the fishing expeditions is to beat my brothers—to catch the most fish, catch the biggest fish. To triumphantly hoist a perfect trophy-like Walleye. It always takes a lot of work, a lot of up-front work, to eventually enjoy the fruits of my labor, or fish. Plus, I like bettering my siblings.

When it comes to angling, I’m a lot like Onspring’s audit solution—I’m on it.

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