Audit Software Installation

A Solid Foundation Out of The Box

By Josh Campbell and Kailyn Schutte

In the different phases of audit software implementation, it always easy for us to come back to the simple analogy of building a house. When planning your new home, you don’t begin by adding all the little niceties and amenities. You need to have a strong foundation, a good, working structure as you build the house. Once that’s in place, you can start looking at add-ons or other enhancements.

Implementing Onspring’s audit solution, like all our solutions, is no different from putting up a house. That’s what we try to do initially—we make sure that the structural foundation of the solution is strong and that users have everything they need to be successful with their work processes. When the foundation is set and the implementation is complete, we always say goodbye to satisfied, happy faces.

Together, we have more than ten years of experience implementing various types of software. It is safe to say that collectively we’ve seen a lot of different scenarios—both good and bad. It is when we stick to the foundation, making sure the client adheres to our plan, that we have success, and more importantly, those happy, endgame faces.

A New Solution

If you’re looking at new processes or have a more established organization that needs to add more pieces to an existing solution, it doesn’t matter—we work great with anyone. But regardless of the experience level, when first starting to implement our audit solution, we like our clients to know and understand these the main steps:

  • Have a good understanding of where your current process maturity is
  • Don’t try to move faster with the implementation than needed
  • Realistically tailor your process to your current needs
  • Make a good determination of what pieces will need to be added later

With Onspring, knowing that additional pieces can be added as you move forward with your process is not only one of our top things, it also allows for a much easier transition—it’s a big plus. When the approval and review processes are followed, you can make sure that you have the capacity and people needed to make additions to the solution.

What We Do

Does anyone like change? As we prepare organizations for the implementation of their new audit solution, it’s common for us to see a “deer-in-the-headlights” look of nervousness from users regarding the change to a new system. But getting them to a point of comfort is always easier than anticipated because of how Onspring works. We always remind clients how flexible Onspring is and how easily adaptable the solution can be to meet their needs and the level of their maturity with their processes.

We have our standard methodology that we always follow in the beginning. Starting that way is our opportunity to get in with the client and accomplish a couple of things immediately; first, we get an understanding of their current process that’s in place and an intimate knowledge of what they’re doing. After that, we start to put together a plan for them, beginning with, “This is what you have now, what do you want it to look like and how do you want it to function in Onspring?” This is where we become translators. The team might be doing a function in Excel with an offline process via email. We translate that to Onspring—using a dashboard, specific interfaces and messages, and more.

That’s where we start to bridge potential gaps in the implementation process. Following that, we get into our build phase, where we’re actually doing the configuration. Then we begin our testing and deploy phase and end with any post-implementation piece that is determined to be needed. The phase between analyze and design is where we see the deer-in-the-headlights look start to go away. The users are still wary about everything, but when we show them how we’ve integrated their current process into Onspring, they start trusting us.

Out-of-the-Box Ready

A lot of times when we start showing a client our out-of-the-box audit solution, we’ll be told, “Oh, that’s pretty close to what we already do.” We’ll have to tweak a couple of fields, but what Onspring starts with initially is usually all that a lot of clients will need. We take a lot of pride in the fact that we’ve added and shaped our audit solution to meet most of the needs presented to us by customers. Onspring stays up to date with the practices set forth by the Institute of Internal Auditors (IIA), COSO and other groups within the industry to make sure that our solution aligns closely with all possible needs. When we start a review process, the clients are usually calm and ready to roll. If adjustments are needed, they are easy to make.

Set the foundation, determine your specific needs and meet the challenge of change. It isn’t as easy as it sounds, but our audit solution isn’t hard or difficult to implement. Onspring is on it, so our clients can be on it, too.

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