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Do You Like Your Vendors?

Recently, Onspring began working with a large financial institution to help them manage vendor contracts. As the organization grew, its vendor roster also expanded, and so did the maintenance and onboarding requirements. Add to that, changes in the Sourcing team meant that key information was leaving with people who previously managed vendor accounts. I recall hearing frustrations like, “Why did we renew that vendor contract? We don’t even like them anymore!”

4 Ways to Evaluate Internal Audit Software

Selecting an IA software platform is not always an easy choice. To begin with, there are many stakeholders involved: audit staff, management, process and control owners, the audit committee and the board. Then tack on a wide variety of auditable entities: business units, processes, organizational functions, applications, facilities, etc. Finding a single management platform that can bring all of these elements together in a way that fits the size, scope and methods of your IA department is no easy task.

7 Vendor Management Tips for Startups

My wife and I recently purchased a new “old” home, meaning it was one that would need some work. Our goal was to complete as much of this work as possible before move-in day, so getting the right contractors in place as quickly as possible was a must. I couldn’t help but picture Tom Hanks and Shelley Long in the movie The Money Pit (one of my favorites) and think, “Is this us? What are we getting ourselves into? Will our house really be ready in two weeks?” (That’s a joke.)

Welcome to the Onspring Family

It was great visiting with our clients and partners and learning all about the ways in which they are using Onspring solutions (and creating their own!) to accomplish incredible things. From traditional GRC to even a full-on Freight Management solution, I can safely say that our clients continue to push the creativity envelope, and we love them for it.

4 Tips to Building Teams That #TakeTheCrown

I’ve been thinking about the makeup of the Royals team and why they’re so exceptional now, considering the many years they’ve struggled. The Royals have managed to harness all available resources, focus on what matters, and orchestrate their players into a team that runs like clockwork. It’s pretty impressive to watch, and I think we can all learn a few things from their approach. I recently had the opportunity to attend a Q&A session hosted by Royals General Manager, Dayton Moore, who offered several great tips on how to build a winning team.

How to Run a Project Kickoff Like a Pro

The kickoff can set the tone for an entire football game. And the same is true in the business world where a project kickoff can set you up for success or constant struggle. Whether you deliver consulting services for your clients or you’re managing an internal project for your company, starting a project on the right foot is essential. Here are a few “Rules of the Game” that we follow at Onspring.

3 Secrets to Great Dashboards

Dashboards are the front door to your solution. They are your greeter, your concierge and your window dressing. Practically speaking, dashboards contain information that users need to complete their work as quickly and painlessly as possible. After all, no one wants to dig for data. No one enjoys thrashing around, trying to figure out what needs their attention. They want consolidated information at their fingertips, and your dashboards can deliver.