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Your Call Is (Not) Very Important to Us

We all probably have an arsenal of poor customer service experiences, but what does it look like to have actual, supportive assistance? Here are a few principles I follow in my support role at Onspring to ensure that I’m conveying “care” instead of “couldn’t care less.”

3 Rules for Effective Risk Evaluation

With no breaks, no interruptions and no rabbit holes, we had less than 15 minutes to introduce a risk, provide background, discuss and ask questions, and have each executive submit their six ratings—a pretty daunting sum of activities in a very short span of time. We knew this was an ambitious feat and would require careful preparation to pull it off. So we established the following ground rules to help us execute a productive meeting.

What We Do: Solve Problems

“And what do you do?” It’s the question most often asked by new acquaintances. This question is relatively safe and easy to answer when getting to know a new person. “I’m an accountant.” “I’m a paralegal.” These are nice, neat answers at which your acquaintance will nod, smile and make a comment summarizing what they know about the profession. “I hear that’s a real numbers game—haha!” “So you do a lot of paperwork!” and the like.

Meet the Man Behind the Curtain

Onspring was already working with this client to solve challenges in other areas, so it was an easy transition to meet with Marketing leadership to start this new project. No new users or licensing changes were required since they already use Onspring enterprise-wide for other processes.