Baker, Chef or GRC Maker

Cooking Up Choices for a Flexible Platform

By Jeremy Owsley

Whenever my wife wants to cook a special dinner or dish, she’ll search online to find a new and distinct recipe. She likes to see pictures of what the food is supposed to look like when finished and she moves forward from that perspective. The kicker is that the recipes she chooses are never very good—the food ends up being inedible despite her perfect adherence to the recipe. The biggest problem usually boils down to the fact that the person who wrote the recipe in the first place doesn’t know how to cook—this is always a tragedy because my wife is a fantastic cook.

Don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing wrong with following recipes; they’re good because it’s basically the rules of cooking. Some people say baking is kind of like chemistry; when you add ingredients in the wrong order it ruins the meal or dessert.

Choices to Make

Personally, I’m not a recipe guy. Here’s my usual cooking routine; I’ll open our fridge, select a piece of protein, a vegetable, then pick out a few spices, grab a couple of other things and make a pretty all-right meal. My tendencies in the kitchen are those of a chef; my fabulous wife is more of a baker—she needs well-documented, well defined rules to follow. I’m pretty good at making it up as I go until the dish is “perfect,” documenting it later to share with others.

Chefs will grudgingly follow rules—“OK fine, I’ll do the recipe”—but they’re more likely to want to build and create on their own. The baker? They need a recipe, or steps, to follow. I want to stress that these are not hard and fast classifications—there’s usually a little bit of a baker in the chef, and even the strictest bakers will adlib with dishes.

How this relates to Onspring is that those two personality types—bakers and chefs—are in play with our solutions. It is one of the best features of our platform. You have “chef” system administrators who will build an application 100% from scratch, assembling a fantastic use case and platform that no one’s thought of before, creating a business case that is only relevant to them. They are able to look at our out-of-the-box solution and go, “I see what Onspring is doing, but I want to do it a different way.” And they’ll use our existing platform as kind of a template to build their own thing, and build it differently than what the out-of-the-box solution is.

Then you have “baker” folks who take our out-of-the-box solutions and adopt their policies or practices into those pre-configured solutions, which is just fine. We’ve built our software so you can add your data and be up and running right away. So chefs and bakers still use the platform and they accomplish the same things—both make edible food—a usable platform that makes their job easier and better. It’s just how much personal flare is going to be put on it versus a straight out-of-the-box use.

When it comes to putting together a GRC platform—or using any of Onspring’s other solutions—It doesn’t matter what kind of cooking personality you have. If you use our professional services team to lean on or you do it yourself, the results will be good. Anyone can do it—it’s just like when you’re cooking; you need the confidence to go into your kitchen and say, “I might burn this cake or destroy this pie, but I also might make something really good. If I fail, it won’t be for long.”

A Couple of Examples

We had a client who dealt with the logistics and shipping of a lot of different kinds of materials. Using our solution, they built from scratch a process to help track and move the products off barges and ships, then onto trains and trucks—their application was by far more efficient than what Onspring had in place. The best thing was that they did it all without the help of our professional services team.

I’ve also worked with clients who thought they would need to make a lot of changes to our existing solutions, only to find out that what we have in place is not only usable, but it was so good for their existing needs that they didn’t need anything else—Onspring can pretty much do it all out-of-the-box.

Some customers work both ways—they use our out-of-the-box solution, but also create many different apps that further enhance and define their work processes, kind of like a creative baker—that particular organization likes to have rules in place, but they also want new recipes. I guess the company is made up of bakers with a little of a chefs’ personality.

The thing is, our training lays out the framework. New clients are ready to roll—the recipe for their success is there for the taking with Onspring, whether it is to create new applications on their own, work with our services team or use our software as is.

The Kitchen Is Yours

It doesn’t matter what kind of “cooking” personality you have. With Onspring, we have set things up so that anyone can do it; you just need the confidence to go into your kitchen and say, “I might burn this potato dish, I might ruin these cookies, but I might end up with a masterpiece!” It doesn’t matter because you can transform your solution or leave it however you want.

At the end of the day, a baker—and also a chef—instinctively knows that if you want something to turn out right, you have to break a few eggs along the way. With Onspring, the result is always delicious.

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