Onspring Business Operations Solutions: Doing Your Best Work

By Chris Pantaenius

A few weeks ago, I returned from a 10-day Scout camp with my 13-year-old son. Scout camp is probably what you’re thinking: It’s very warm, it rains a lot, and yes, if you choose to have food in your tent, you’ll find yourself fending off the raccoons.

Nocturnal intruders aside, Scout camp is also pretty great. You get to unplug from mobile devices, and you breathe fresh air everywhere you go. Sure, the food could be better, but think of it as a weight loss program! And bonus: There’s no shortage of activities, including shooting black powder rifles, tomahawk throwing and developing your survival skills.

One day at Scout camp, I noticed several dads carving neckerchief slides. These are the holders that keep the iconic neckerchief around your Scout’s neck in place. Sure, you could buy one, but we all know a “true Scout dad” would make one by hand. What’s more, I began to hear stories of world-class dads who make new slides year over year for their sons. Clearly, if I was going to be a world-class dad, I would have to make one, too. How hard can it be, right? (Queue the MacGyver theme song.)

I started off with a blank piece of wood that sort of resembled what I wanted. In my case, I was going for a paddle design. I had my knife ready to go, and before long, I had a nice little pile of shavings, but my creation looked nothing like a paddle. Fortunately, a dad who’s been there before recognized my plight and offered up his carving tools. (He might have been hoping to just minimize any bloodshed). It’s amazing what having the right set of tools can do. Instead of shavings, I ended up with this:

I shared this story because, like the chisels I used at Scout camp, Onspring is a tool that helps you get the job done. You may not be sweating over a pile of wood shavings, but perhaps you’re struggling with piles of paperwork, dated systems, unruly spreadsheets and other challenges that hold you back from doing your best work.

This was certainly the case for many of our clients. Last week, we gathered in Kansas City for Onspring Connect, our annual user conference, and we saw first-hand what some of the largest and most innovative companies in the world can accomplish with the right tools. From logistics hubs and vendor risk attestations to control self-monitoring and technology assessments, Onspring clients are flexing the power of the platform to improve efficiency, save money and deliver more value to their organizations.

So how exactly does Onspring help our clients do their best work? By focusing on three fundamentals:

  1. Flexibility: Like that blank piece of wood at Scout camp, we provide the materials you need to make enterprise software your own. Our no-code platform allows you to adapt our solutions to your needs and build completely new business applications without touching a line of code.
  2. Performance: Like a good set of carving tools, we want to save you time and energy on your journey. We take a near-obsessive approach to system performance and responsiveness so our software never slows you down.
  3. User Experience: We’ve all experienced products that are more trouble than they’re worth—too many clicks, too inflexible and too much frustration. Onspring is different. We deliver a clean, simple and intuitive user experience so your team will actually enjoy using the product.

All that said, we’re not just a product company at Onspring. We exist because of our strong relationships. To our customers, it starts with your ideas. We truly listen and care. Our product roadmap is nearly 100% client-driven, which means our clients’ enhancement requests are being built into the Onspring platform as we speak.

Even more importantly, the entire Onspring team is committed to respect for our clients, colleagues and community. This is embedded deep within our culture. It’s pretty simple: We live by the Golden Rule—treat others as we’d like to be treated. We all learned this concept in kindergarten (or perhaps we learned it as “friendly, courteous and kind” at Scout camp!), but it’s amazing how often this gets lost in the corporate world.

All of these elements—flexibility, performance, user experience, relationships and respect—come together to help our clients bring their ideas and their vision to life. It’s exciting to see how clients use the Onspring platform to solve business problems, often in ways we never imagined! These people are truly doing their best work, and we’re happy to be that “right tool” for the job.

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