Five is Live

Five Is Live!

By Matt Pugh

We’re excited to announce that Onspring version 5.0 was released this week, and many of our clients took advantage of the new features on the first day they were available. The Onspring Process Automation Platform allows you to create elegant business apps, surveys, reports and dashboards with just a few clicks. The days of lengthy development, test and deploy cycles are over. Check out a few of the new features in v5.0, and learn why we added them for our clients.

Visual Workflow

Feature Overview: Version 5.0 offers dynamic workflow so you can manage content reviews and task routing through a consistent process. Our Visual Workflow feature gives you easy options for building multi-path approval and rejection paths. Specific routing logic allows users or groups to review, respond and move content through a defined process.

Why We Added It: While Onspring already made editing content, adding work queues and alerting users of content changes easier than current products on the market, Visual Workflow adds an additional layer of process automation and gives the decision makers a one-click option to complete their tasks. This visualization layer is also a huge bonus, allowing anyone involved the ability to quickly see exactly where a piece of content resides within the start-to-finish process.

Automatic Content Creation

Feature Overview: The only thing faster than adding content in Onspring is automatically adding content in Onspring. Users can now generate content records using the new Create Record Outcome. For example, you can add a new contract record and automatically generate a task record to review it a week later.  Or you can change the status of an opportunity to closed-won and automatically generate a record to alert the accounting team.

Why We Added It: Simply put, auto-record creation saves users time. Users have defined processes they follow every day, which often involves setting up new records and relating those records back to another record. In many cases, rules can be used to create records on behalf of a user instead. Using powerful logic, Onspring can create just the right record, with content pre-populated for almost any situation.

Version 5 CalendaringCalendar Reports

Feature Overview: The Calendar report allows users to visualize date-based content within a customizable calendar display. Calendar view options include Day, Work Week, Week and Month as well as a My Agenda view which allows users to see only content that pertains to them..

Why We Added It: Our clients are taking the Onspring platform into new areas of their business every day. It’s important to provide additional visualization options so users can interact with information in the most easy-to-digest manner. With the new Calendar view, users can plot due dates, project start and end dates, and even appointment and resourcing schedules and know what is important to their team or themselves.

And More on the Way…

We are already hard at work on a new set of features and improvements for 6.0. Stay tuned to learn more about what’s coming in future versions of Onspring.

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