Giving Thanks for Great Clients

By Kyle Graves

I’ve worked in sales and client care for most of my career, and I’ve seen the good, the bad and the ugly when it comes to client relationships. In most cases, the quality of those relationships has more to do with the vendor than the client. I’ve worked for companies that cared deeply about forging great client relationships. And I’ve worked (briefly) for organizations that treated their clients as dispensable and replaceable. I don’t have to tell you which type of employer I prefer.

I joined the Onspring team last year knowing that we were a small-ish fish in a big pond and that we’d have to work double-time to build our presence in the marketplace. I took the challenge because of the kind of company that Onspring is—one that’s built on a simple principle: “Take care of our employees and clients, and everything else will fall into place.”

We have great clients at Onspring. No doubt about it. But those relationships are not the result of luck. They’re the result of a commitment on both sides to establish trust, openness and consistent follow-through.

Here are a few simple rules that guide our client interactions at Onspring:

  • Everyone’s In. Building and nurturing client relationships is not just the domain of sales people and support reps. It’s everyone’s job. We don’t hire people at Onspring who can’t (or don’t want to) interface with clients. Our entire team is committed to engaging with clients, solving their problems and helping them do their best work.
  • Earn Trust. I’ve learned over many years in sales that the surest way to ruin a client relationship is to sell them a product and then abandon them to figure it out on their own. At Onspring, we guide our clients toward successful adoption of our platform and solutions. Long after the sale, I always take calls from our clients, and if I can’t answer their questions, I find someone who can. As a team, we are never too busy to take care of our clients, and I think they truly appreciate it. Our clients trust us because they know we will see to their needs.
  • Give to Get. A client relationship is always a two-way street. If one side is in it for themselves, you’ll never strike a balance. The relationship will always be disposable, and one party will always feel used. At Onspring, we go out of our way to give our time and expertise. Sure, we love it when clients are willing to do a case study or take a reference call, but we don’t go asking for those favors out of the gate. When you’re willing to give and give, the “get” comes naturally.

This pretty well sums up our client philosophy at Onspring. I can’t tell you how rewarding it is to be part of an organization that puts our clients first (and doesn’t just pay lip service). I’m bullish about our future because I know we’re in this for the right reasons. We’re building true partnerships with our clients, and that’s a recipe for mutual success.

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