It’s Hard to Say Goodbye

Closing a significant chapter of your life is never easy. I feel like I’m moving away from my favorite cousins with my last day at Onspring today. For nearly five years, the work at this special company has challenged me, motivated me and stretched me in ways I never thought possible. The Onspring team is comprised of some of the best people I’ve ever known, let alone worked with.

Big moments of change are excellent opportunities to reflect on lessons learned and takeaways for the next phase. Here are a few of the most valuable things I’ve learned during my time at Onspring.

Stay humble.

Just when I think I’ve mastered all the skills of my job, a particularly challenging problem will arise. I may think I have conquered all the technical and interpersonal nuances of my position, but technology, organizational complexity and relationships can always surprise you. I find that I learn new things every day and try to remember what it was like when it was all new. The world moves at a fast pace, and none of us can truly keep up. The best mindset is to stay humble, give others grace and remember there may be more than one conclusion. The best part is there’s always a way through if we listen to each other and work together.  

Two (or more) heads are better than one.

A few moments from Onspring.

Having a strong team around you is absolutely priceless. My Onspring colleagues have always been up for a brainstorming session, willing to let me bounce ideas off of them and willing to listen while I sort through a challenge. With the dynamic world of technology, I have found different perspectives are invaluable to help me look at all angles and grasp a full picture of the issue. That collaboration is mutual, too. Being willing to provide that sounding board for others makes for a cooperative culture.

Honesty consistently proves to be the best policy.

One of the things that makes Onspring stand out to me is how we emphasize “straight shooting” in every interaction. The goal from pre-sales, to onboarding, to support, to ongoing client success is to continue to build and bolster relationships. I have always had the huge benefit of believing what I say to others, whether it be comments on the capabilities of the system, the straightforward business practices of each team member or the support of clients throughout their history. There’s been hard conversations through the years, and answers people didn’t want to hear, but I’ve seen the proof of its worth—honesty—time and time again.

To my Onspring clients, you make the problem solving, the challenges, the critical thinking very meaningful. Helping you do your best work has been some of my best accomplishments as a professional.

To my Onspring colleagues, you are more like family. From hitting the road together, to unpacking complex challenges together, to sharing big life milestones together, working with you all has been some of the highest points of my career.

I can’t wait to see where Onspring goes next. For me? I may be joining on the client side soon. You best believe my wheels have been turning for how to maximize Onspring’s functionality for my new adventure. I already know I’ll have great people to support me along the way. :)


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