Kids Who Code (and Write and Build)

You think clients keep you on your toes? Try an office full of kids! It’s Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day at Onspring, and we’ve been insanely busy keeping up with the bright and nimble minds of our young guests. We’ve given them a taste of life in a modern software company, from development and UX design to technical writing, accounting and professional services. They’ve dabbled in code, conducted interviews, designed their own process flows on the whiteboard, and even built a few apps in Onspring. (Yep, kids can do it, too!)

After an action-packed day, we asked a few of the kids to share their experience: something that surprised them, something new they discovered and something they learned about their own future. Here’s what they had to say:

Tanna P. (12 Years Old)

Today I discovered Onspring. Being here made me understand how the real world works. Today I interviewed two workers, and I heard them talk a lot about their passion and their creative thoughts. Everyone I talked to today was not only passionate, but also excited to learn new things and create new things to make this company better. While I was interviewing them, I realized that I have a passion for talking to people and discovering them. I realized that I love creating a new adventure and interviewing people.

Today we started to make an app in Onspring, and we got to create it based on what we are passionate about. I chose writing. While I created my app, I wrote about Emily Dickinson, an amazing poet. Creating something new is always fun, but when you’re really passionate about the thing you are creating, it makes it easy and fun.

The staff here at Onspring work together to create a better company. It’s good to work with people that are kind and easy to talk to. Learning all these things made me understand what I want to do in the future. The staff members are truly amazing, and I’m grateful that I was able to come today.

Wyatt N. (11 Years Old)

Today, I learned how to write code, how to make apps in Onspring and how an accountant’s day at work goes. I learned many things about the people who work at Onspring. I was surprised by some of the answers I got from the people I interviewed. For instance, I discovered that most people who work here did not plan the job life they have back when they were in school. When I met with Chris Zammit, he encouraged me to keep on my thought of wanting to be a software developer. Thank you to Michael Blumreich for teaching me how to make apps on the Onspring platform, and thanks to the whole Onspring team for providing such a wonderful day for me.

Ski R. (9 Years Old)

  1. I was surprised when I found out that code takes hours and that you have to describe every single thing.
  2. I discovered that Onspring is supposed to help people solve problems. I never knew that.
  3. A future idea that I had was to be able to help customers with more things and to hire more coders.

Ski’s Binary Code: 


Brooks R. (12 Years Old)

Something I learned today that shocked me is how long it takes to code. Something I discovered today was how to create an app in Onspring. A Future idea for me is that I might want to work with technology of some sort.

So there you have it! A “day in the life” at Onspring from the perspective of four bright and inquisitive children. We had a great time hosting all the kiddos today, and we’ll start restocking the snack closet tomorrow. ;)

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