No Smoke & Mirrors: Automatic Content Creation Is Truly Magical

Like any good, hardworking young adult, my husband has held a smattering of odd jobs. He has made fudge, inspected jewelry and installed HVAC systems. Of all his varied vocations, one he enjoyed immensely was his stint at a magic show in Branson, Missouri. If you’re thinking tigers, smoke and sawing ladies in half, you’ve got the picture. He loved that job, but when he would describe his day at work, I was full of eye rolls. Lame.

However, the handful of times he got me tickets to watch the show live, I had a very different reaction. Now that is amazing! How did they do that? That is crazy! I would beg him to reveal the show’s secrets to me. Suddenly, not so lame.

My career path has been much less varied and significantly less “flashy” than my husband’s, but I recently got to wave my own figurative wand and wow a few clients with Onspring’s auto-create feature. Just call me the David Copperfield of enterprise software.

One client’s reaction was, “I can’t even believe what I just saw! That is incredible!” And just like the stage magician, I got to stick out my hands and say “Ta Da!” while the Prestige (seen the movie?) was the handiwork of our talented product development team. Our goal at Onspring is to exceed expectations and impress with our platform’s capabilities. Auto-create is one of many features with numerous applications and plenty of “wow factor” for our users.

One of my favorite use cases comes from a client with 34 testing procedures that run incrementally on different schedules. With frequencies ranging from daily to annually, these tests fell to one person, who was responsible for testing and managing any subsequent findings and mitigation efforts via Word docs and Excel spreadsheets. It was a system that “worked” but certainly wasn’t efficient or easy to use.

This client needed automation assistance to make the process more manageable and allow her to focus on other aspects of her job. She reached out to Onspring, and we worked with her on the game plan. First, we created an app to store all the testing procedure details such as scope and frequency. Next, we created a related tests app to collect all the individual test records. Based on the frequency noted in the procedures app, Onspring automatically creates the appropriate tests in the system, flagging them as “Not Started.”

Now, the client doesn’t have to open a series of spreadsheets or create multiple calendar reminders to remember to run the tests. She can simply log into Onspring, view the dashboard report of open tests and start down the list. The best part? Implementation time in Onspring was less than a week. Abracadabra!

P.S. More magical content creation stories to come. Stay tuned.

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