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Onspring 6.0: Advanced Reporting & Automation

By Matt Pugh

Onspring 6.0 is now available! This latest version of our Process Automation Platform includes significant reporting and automation enhancements. Clients who use Onspring for internal audit, risk management, corporate counsel, vendor management and other business functions will find powerful new capabilities for tracking, measuring and visualizing their data.

At Onspring, our product roadmap is largely driven by client requests, and version 6 proves that we listen and respond quickly. Listed below are just a few of the highlights included in 6.0.

New Reporting Visualizations

Feature Overview: Onspring 6.0 extends our toolset for charting and reporting. Users now have the ability to generate combo charts (line charts over column charts), heat maps and Gantt charts to better visualize and act on their data. These real-time charts offer the same filter and drill-though capabilities as all existing Onspring charts and provide powerful new ways to analyze company data and metrics.

Why We Added It: Our clients are tracking and measuring data in new ways every day. The enhanced charting options in 6.0 enable them to better manage project schedules and tasks, report on risk data in a concise and visual way, and layer complex data together for more meaningful analysis. Dashboards will jump to life with the color and usability of these three new charting options.

Scheduled Reports

Feature Overview: Onspring reports can now be scheduled and sent by email. Users can choose to include the data as an Excel attachment, provide a link to a downloadable file or embed the entire report directly in the email. Reports can be sent at configurable intervals on any day and time specified.

Why We Added It: Our clients requested the ability to send out reports to users—particularly managers and executives—who need the information Onspring provides but don’t log in every day. Scheduled reports are a useful way to notify users of expiring contracts, open issues or mitigation plans that require their attention, etc. This new reporting feature provides yet another method to ensure that users see the right information at exactly the right moment.

Task Email


Feature Overview: Onspring now provides a “set reference” capability that allows you to automatically relate records in two separate business apps. For example, clients can auto-select a user’s manager in a legal service request or tie a new vendor to a performance metric. Based on rule criteria, Onspring creates the data relationships automatically.

Why We Added It: Relating content across one or more apps is one of the most valuable benefits of using Onspring. Often, rules can be written that provide more accurate content selection and save users significant time in data entry.

Automation Population

Enhanced User Experience

Feature Overview: We’re always hard at work providing the best user experience available. Version 6.0 includes a number of usability enhancements and style updates, which benefit users across all device types. For example, the main navigation bar has been streamlined, allowing more space to display actionable, personalized content for end users. Clients can also place common tasks, like adding new records and searching content, directly on user dashboards for quick reach.

Why We Added It: User adoption is critical to the success of any software solution. At Onspring, we know that performance and aesthetics play an important role in how quickly users respond to new technologies. That’s why we continue to refine our user interface to make it a tool that users actually want to work in on a daily basis.

If you’d like to check out the latest enhancements in Onspring 6.0, we’d be happy to provide a live demo. Send us a request, and we’ll be in touch right away.

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