Knowledge or Wisdom? Training for What Matters

“Knowledge is knowing that a tomato is a fruit. Wisdom is not putting it in a fruit salad.”

— Miles Kington

Onspring Connect is just around the corner, and we’ve planned four days of training, client presentations, workshops, and social events for our wonderful user community. I look forward to meeting the faces behind the voices I encounter in my support role.

One of the key ways I’m facilitating Connect this year is through the training classes on Monday and Tuesday. We’re offering two training programs, so our Administrators (from newbies to seasoned vets) will have a value-packed experience in the training room.

Administrator Training is for new administrators who need an A-Z view of the Onspring platform. From setting up fields and Apps, to building reports and dashboards, to understanding the interworking access components, this class will guide you through nearly every aspect of the platform. We’ll also provide in-depth materials and hands-on lab exercises so you can put your mouse where your mouth is. ;)

The Advanced Workshop flips the script and puts you in the shoes of an Onspring Consultant. We’ll hone in on building complex formulas and multi-faceted access scenarios, and we’ll zoom out on problem solving and solution development strategies. Many of these scenarios are born right from the field, so bring your thinking caps!

Get Ready to Build Something Great

Don’t worry, we’ll never deliver a boring training program that leaves you snoozing into your keyboard. With the flexibility and seemingly endless capabilities of the Onspring platform, it’s always our goal to share creative strategies, lessons learned and tips for success. Many things are possible, but not all things are advisable. Our trainers are ready to help you use the system wisely so you can configure solutions that are easy to use, scalable and sustainable.

Come learn with us and cultivate your practical understanding of Onspring. It will be fruitful!

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