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Features in the Wild: Onspring Email Sync

By Matt Pugh

Onspring’s flexible business apps, reports, surveys and messaging provide companies large and small with tools to power their business. The flexibility of the Onspring platform allows our clients to manage processes their way and connect the dots across their organization. As a product company, we’ve always listened intently to our clients, and their needs occupy a good portion of our product roadmap every year. Here’s just one example of a new feature we developed through close interaction with our users:

In a recent meeting with a client that uses Onspring for sales operations, employee goals and more, they described how Onspring made it easy for their teams to access data about current and potential customers and to combine that information with key performance indicators (KPIs) for their organization. Onspring dashboards serve up just the right information to the right user so they can easily see what’s important. But as we discussed these dashboards, we began to identify additional customer touch points. It became apparent that the end-to-end process could be improved by integrating email communication directly into Onspring. This would enable the client to more closely monitor customer relationships and ensure that nothing falls through the cracks.

Our team quickly went to work to design an intuitive connector that captures email and relates it to contact data already stored in the system. Like all Onspring’s features, no developers or coding is required. Once the feature was included in Onspring v4.0, released just a few weeks later, the sync was up and running in less than five minutes.

Administrators can choose to integrate only content that has a matching email address in the system or sync everything. Account managers, sales reps and executives now have instant access to recent conversations between the customer and the company teams embedded right in the contact record, on reports or in dashboards. No more guessing on what’s been sent and when…it’s all right there, including attachments.

Using Onspring access controls, the client was able to control permissions to the new email content. Record retention rules were enabled to automatically remove any email content they no longer deemed necessary. And finally, the client applied an email mask to their input forms to ensure that every email address was valid and in the proper format. And did I mention this was all accomplished before lunch time?

Since this first use of the new Email Sync feature, other Onspring clients have started using it within Supplier Management, Legal Ticketing and other processes they manage on our platform. We love to see new features being put to work immediately to solve business problems. And there’s a lot more to come!

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