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Onspring Launches Cognition Self-Building Software

Today, Onspring announced the latest addition to its highly flexible software solutions – Onspring Cognition®. Since 2013, Onspring has provided leading solutions in Audit, Risk and Compliance with a simple mindset – tailoring and changing how they work should be as easy as online shopping.

Well, today things just got easier. With Onspring Cognition, a user need only attach the Congnicups to their head, and Onspring’s AI will literally read your thoughts. “We often say if you can think it, you can build it. Today, that just became a reality,” said Co-Founder and CEO, Chris Pantaenius.

“With a client-driven product roadmap and simple drag-and-drop configuration options, Onspring has always believed in putting its clients in the driver’s seat. Now, if you want to build a form to manage your audit projects, you can just think about the ideal state—form layouts, email messaging, reports, dashboards—and Onspring Cognition will hear your thoughts and go to work,” added Matt Pugh, VP of Products.

When asked to comment on how it all works, Co-Founder and CTO, Chad Kreimendahl wasn’t revealing the secret sauce. “It’s like driverless cars, but for software. We like to solve problems. Think of Onspring Cognition as your own Winston Wolf.”

April Fools! While Onspring is highly configurable and very easy to use, we are not currently monitoring anyone’s brain waves. Have a great weekend, everyone!

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