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Onspring 11.0: A Time and Sanity Saver

By Matt Pugh

At Onspring, we deliver major releases of our platform 3–4 times a year, based almost entirely on client requests. Nothing makes us happier than hearing your ideas and meeting your needs in a matter of weeks, not months or years.

Our latest release, Onspring 11.0, went live this weekend, and it’s packed with features that save you time, effort and brain power. We won’t exhaust the details here on the blog, but we do want to highlight two key features and how they’re used to make life easier for internal auditors, vendor relationship managers and GRC professionals.

Document Trail: Print, Download, Attach

WHAT IT IS: In some cases, Onspring users need a physical document trail of actions, findings, evidence and more. Frozen versions of files may need to be printed and stored offsite or uploaded to secure external storage. Now Onspring makes it easy. The new print record feature allows you to print a hard copy version of exactly what you see onscreen, including all rows and paginated grids. You can also save entire records as PDFs and download the files or automatically attach them to Onspring fields.

WHY IT MATTERS: As an example, this feature is particularly effective in our Incident Management solution where entire case files are captured in Onspring. These records can be printed as state-in-time documentation, fulfilling internal or external information retention requirements.

Dynamic Percentage Display

WHAT IT IS: Many of our clients use Onspring to track processes, such as control testing, risk assessments and findings mitigation, from beginning to end. We now make it easy to track the status of those processes with a visual percentage display that’s always up to date. The platform also dynamically color-codes these displays based on percentage values so you can detect potential issues.

WHY IT MATTERS: For auditors, risk managers or compliance professionals who are juggling multiple assessments and findings at once, the ability to gain an “at-a-glance” understanding of status across multiple records is a huge time saver. And there’s no need for complicated calculations behind the scenes. The Onspring platform performs the calculations for you—in real time.

In addition to these end-user features, Onspring 11.0 includes enhancements for security configuration, system performance and SAML 2.0 single sign-on. All of these improvements make the platform easier to use and more responsive to your needs.

Want to take a look? Current users can experience Onspring 11.0 right away. If you’re not on the platform yet, drop us a note. We’d be happy to provide a demo.

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