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Onspring 7.0: Innovations in Content Security

By Matt Pugh

Onspring 7.0 is now available, providing industry-leading content security options and much more. Clients using Onspring’s core solutions for audit, risk, vendor, legal and compliance management can quickly and intuitively solve complex content security concerns. Version 7.0 also includes additional customer-driven enhancements across the platform, including dynamic rules for automatically referencing content, which ensures data integrity while always providing a first-class user experience.

Access Rules & Inherited Permissions

Rules Engine

Feature Overview: Onspring 7.0 includes additional app content security rules that allow direct access as well as inherited access from related apps. Specific use cases such as “The Submitter can edit the record only when in Draft Status” or “Users with access to the project record may see the related task records only” (versus seeing all tasks for all projects) are now possible with permission rules and inheritance grants. Inheritance grants can apply to all related records within an app or they can be driven by rules.

Why We Added It: Our clients have a need to provide individual users or groups of users specific levels of access to particular records, which may be determined within a content record or by related content. These specifics may shift throughout the lifecycle of records, and our new enhanced permissions allow Onspring Administrators to easily tailor the appropriate doorway or window for their users who have varied objectives in the system.

Easy Role Access Configuration

Role Permissions

Feature Overview: Onspring administrators are familiar with configuring role permissions in the platform. Now, administrators with role permissions may make changes to app access within that app’s administration landing page. Admins can now directly modify app access without navigating to the individual role configuration pages.

Why We Added It: We wanted to reduce the time it took to control access for one app at a time, especially for users with a large number of apps and roles. Prior to 7.0, adding new general apps or auditing specific app access required opening every role and reviewing or modifying each role’s access to that app. Now admins can choose to modify access from an individual role or individual app basis.

Dynamic Reference Filters

Dynamic References

Feature Overview: When relating content in two or more fields on an app, reference fields can now be filtered based upon matching related content. For example, if a project record contains a Company field and a Contacts field, a dynamic filter can be applied to the Contacts field to filter Contact results to those already related to the selected Company.

Why we added it: As users continue to add content to the system, the number of items which can be related in an app grows exponentially. We wanted to make it easier for our users to find the right record in less time while reducing data errors.

Other Cool Stuff

The 7.0 release is packed with a ton of other cool features as well as we continue to execute against our product roadmap while also managing the needs of our clients. We added these items to enhance our already superior user experience, allow users to complete their objectives faster and to support the requests of our clients.

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