Regulatory Change: Something Less of a Nightmare

By Matt Pugh

When it comes to regulations, industry standards and supporting controls, the only constant is change. Most organization have smart people and defined processes for managing change, but tracking the changes themselves—knowing what they are and how they impact the business—can be a massive headache.

To help ease the pain, organizations have developed useful tools for regulatory research. One such company is Unified Compliance (better known as UCF), which offers a Common Controls Hub that includes more than 200,000 individual compliance mandates from more than 800 laws and standards. UCF clients can log into the Hub, select the authority documents they care about, and instantly access the latest content, mapped to a common set of controls.

But this is just one step in the process. Armed with reliable information from UCF, clients then need to understand how regulatory changes impact their business, how they must respond, and where they have holes or deficiencies. This is where solutions like Onspring Controls & Compliance, powered by our flexible, intuitive and scalable platform, come in. The Onspring compliance portal allows control owners to:

  • See the specific content and processes they are responsible for
  • Track changes that require their attention
  • Capture the results of control tests
  • Manage issues with end-to-end transparency

But there’s usually a missing piece when it comes to regulatory content: managing the content in relation to your own company controls. Let’s say you have the latest regulatory and control content from UCF, but what’s next? If you have a streamlined compliance management process built in Onspring it would be as easy as configuring a Data Connector instead of waiting for technical or IT support. Onspring Data Connectors put the power of a complex, technical API integration into the hands of business people who need to consume and share information.

Using our Data Connector, we offer a pre-built integration with the UCF Common Controls Hub that enables you to pull the latest regulatory and control content into Onspring with push-button ease. It’s like a simple data import on steroids. With a single action, you can import content from numerous sources, organize it into multiple applications and relate pieces of content together (for example, a single control related to multiple regulations, standards and citations).

Best of all, you can run the Data Connector at any time to check for new content, instantly import and map it in Onspring, and alert responsible parties. This capability is a game changer for business users who need to spend their time evaluating the impacts of regulatory change, not on digging through documents, trying to understand where changes exist.

If you’d like to see the Onspring Data Connector in action, I invite you to view the webinar we presented with Unified Compliance. It’s available on-demand, and you can watch at your convenience.

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