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Trends: The Future of Internal Audit

Bonus Content: Onspring is constantly striving to stay on top by determining and exceeding our customers’ needs. Download our audit survey summary brief: Trends: The Future of Internal Audit, to get a glimpse of future tendencies and work methods within internal audit.

Onspring recently conducted a survey, reaching out to audit professionals to find out about future trends in the internal audit field. Putting together tangible questions that deliver concrete results on current practices in internal audit and risks that may impact the field in the future was our target, and that was accomplished. Internal audit—how it is evolving with tools, perceptions and even the status of a team’s work group—seems to be changing, and we wanted to know how and why. As the survey came together, we ultimately landed on three main areas of interest:

  • Getting an understanding of the current state of the internal audit profession
  • Determining what the respondents’ priorities are and what skills they’re most proficient in
  • Identifying risks that will impact them in the future

The survey results show that while the respondents concerns and responsibilities are broad and open to change, internal audit teams still move slowly toward a relational audit database software to help manage the changing responsibilities of their workload.

Are you curious as to how you and your work place match up with others in the internal audit field? Download the audit survey summary brief and take a look at the results.

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