No Laughing Matter | The Benefits of Audit Management Software

Once the pieces of a management software are in place, your audit world can become everything you ever wanted it to be—challenges will be met and conquered. The right software will not only help your workflow, it can enhance your entire process to do things your way.

Internal Audit: Equipping Your Navigation System

The point Richard Chambers makes is a valid one: Internal Audit cannot effectively serve the organization if it is simply there to put on the brakes (even though brakes are critical to safe driving). Rather, IA can provide the most value to the organization by acting as a guide, providing crucial and helpful feedback along the journey, identifying when the organization has gone off track and letting them know when they’ve reached their destination.

A Hammer Does Not Build a Home

Over the last several years, I’ve had countless conversations with folks who find themselves in need of a better way to manage workflow, data analysis and reporting. I frequently hear, “Can your software do X?” To me, this means, “Is this the right tool for the job?”