Proposal Selection: Less Like the Bachelor, More Like Speed Dating

It’s officially proposal season here at Onspring, and the requests for proposals (RFPs) are starting to stack up. I’ve learned a lot about business proposals, having my hand in hundreds over the years. When you produce a few proposals a year as opposed to a few a day, it’s easy to adopt some common misconceptions about your potential client or partner. While you are likely to spend countless hours crafting the perfect response, your recipient will not and cannot spend the same amount of time considering and appreciating it. Here are some helpful strategies I’ve picked up over the years that can get you on the right track.

Meet the Man Behind the Curtain

Onspring was already working with this client to solve challenges in other areas, so it was an easy transition to meet with Marketing leadership to start this new project. No new users or licensing changes were required since they already use Onspring enterprise-wide for other processes.