How to Avoid Surprises in the Sales and Contracting Process

If you’re tired of working with vendors who insert “gotchas” in the sales and contracting process, you’re not alone. Onspring’s finance guru, Deena Stevens, shares strategies for avoiding such surprises.

Did I Catch You At a Good Time?

Whether you work in sales or are the recipient of sales calls, I’m sure you appreciate the value of showing basic consideration for another person’s time. This isn’t rocket science, but it’s sadly uncommon. For those of you in sales, I encourage you to give this method a try over the next month and see if it helps you move more calls forward. My guess is it will, helping you to set more appointments and build a quality pipeline, which ultimately leads to establishing relationships with quality clients.

My Sales Cycle Wish List

As with many things in this world, adulthood has a tendency to put a different spin on our youthful perspectives. This time of year can be fraught with its share of stress, angst, hassle and sadness. Whether it’s a minor nuisance like fighting tooth and nail for a parking place, or something much deeper, like celebrating your first Christmas without a loved one, this particular time of year is prone to its own set of struggles.

Giving Thanks for Great Clients

I’ve worked in sales and client care for most of my career, and I’ve seen the good, the bad and the ugly when it comes to client relationships. In most cases, the quality of those relationships has more to do with the vendor than the client. I’ve worked for companies that cared deeply about forging great client relationships. And I’ve worked (briefly) for organizations that treated their clients as dispensable and replaceable. I don’t have to tell you which type of employer I prefer.

Proposal Selection: Less Like the Bachelor, More Like Speed Dating

It’s officially proposal season here at Onspring, and the requests for proposals (RFPs) are starting to stack up. I’ve learned a lot about business proposals, having my hand in hundreds over the years. When you produce a few proposals a year as opposed to a few a day, it’s easy to adopt some common misconceptions about your potential client or partner. While you are likely to spend countless hours crafting the perfect response, your recipient will not and cannot spend the same amount of time considering and appreciating it. Here are some helpful strategies I’ve picked up over the years that can get you on the right track.