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4 Tips to Building Teams That #TakeTheCrown

By Chris Pantaenius

The World Series kicked off on Tuesday in Kansas City, and as evidenced by a sea of blue in our office, Onspring is united in support of the Kansas City Royals. We are huge fans (not of the fair-weather sort), and we’re thrilled to see our Boys in Blue make the World Series for a second year running.

I’ve been thinking about the makeup of the Royals team and why they’re so exceptional now, considering the many years they’ve struggled. The Royals have managed to harness all available resources, focus on what matters, and orchestrate their players into a team that runs like clockwork. It’s pretty impressive to watch, and I think we can all learn a few things from their approach.

I recently had the opportunity to attend a Q&A session hosted by Royals General Manager, Dayton Moore, who offered several great tips on how to build a winning team:

1. Believe.

You see this phrase on Royals apparel, social media, at the K and on billboards…it’s everywhere and for good reason. In 2006, Moore accepted a position with the Royals as General Manager, and one of the first things he said to the team and staff was “…if you don’t believe we can win in Kansas City, there’s the door.” That was a bold statement, considering the time. The Royals had just finished the 2005 season with 56 wins and 106 losses. But if you have to right a sinking ship, you only have room for those who are all in.

2. Chip Away.

This begins with setting reasonable goals. In 2006, Moore did not want the Royals to become overly obsessed with getting to the post-season. Instead, he asked that they go out there and just try to do their job a little better than they had the day before. I love this strategy. It helps build success and a winning culture early on, and if it continues, the ultimate goal will take care of itself.

3. Trust Your Team.

Once you have gathered the right people and established a winning culture, you need to trust that they will get the job done. I’m immediately reminded of Johnny Cueto’s complete game performance in Game 2 of the 2015 World Series. Even after a few shaky starts this season, the Royals and fans continue to rally behind Johnny Cueto at Kauffman Stadium. The support is amazing, and the energy is infectious. The support and trust the Royals have for one another helps them rise to any occasion as a team and not a bunch of individualists.

4. Give It Time.

Building a winning team does not happen quickly or easily. This is why #1-Believe is so important. The Royals have taken the long and lasting approach to success in a couple of ways: (1) by identifying talent early on and letting them grow into their full potential, and (2) by keeping the faith when times get tough. There will be wins and losses, good days and bad. But, if proper support is given to the best and brightest along the way, magic will happen.

From all of us at Onspring, we congratulate the Kansas City Royals on all of their accomplishments. We try every day to run our organization in the same manner. So far, it’s been working pretty well.

Go Royals! #TakeTheCrown

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