Transforming GRC (and Other Tales from the Trade Show Floor)

By Sarah Nord

Greetings from 30,000 feet. As I sit here on UA 5454, sipping coffee and nibbling my sumptuous in-flight snack, I’m pondering my week on the RSA Conference expo floor in San Francisco. It’s been about 8 years since I’ve attended this show, and, aside from the fact that the expo hall has grown with a wild array of technology and service providers (and I do mean wild!), not too much has changed. RSAC is every bit the bustling, interesting and sensory-overloading event that I remember. (Think donut walls, tinfoil hats and “carnival barkers” on loud speakers.)

After several days on my feet, talking with current and prospective clients and demoing our No-Code Platform and GRC solutions, I’m looking forward to a quiet day back at the office. But I also feel really good about what happened this week. We had many excellent conversations with people who are eager for next-generation technology and fresh ways to solve problems. I can’t tell you how many times we heard people say, “I’m looking for something new.”

On our booth signage, we display a bold tagline that reads: TRANSFORMING GRC. This drew a lot of people over with a quizzical look on their faces and a simple question: “How?” That’s a question we’re always ready to answer.

At Onspring, we are transforming the GRC software landscape in four ways:

1. By providing flexible software that is truly easy to implement and easy to use.

Plenty of companies promise this, but Onspring delivers. It’s the reason we’re in business today and the reason clients switch from other products that are difficult to deploy and maintain.

2. By empowering business users to manage their processes, their way.

Our pre-configured solutions are fully adaptable to the client’s needs with no custom code. We always recommend that clients complete onboarding and/or administrator training to equip them with a solid understanding of our platform and the basics of data structures and relationships. But beyond that, all they need is intimate knowledge of their process, a computer and an internet connection.

3. By constantly innovating and maintaining focus on performance and usability.

We deliver 3–4 major releases each year, with minor releases in between. These releases provide client-requested enhancements and technical improvements to ensure wicked-fast response times. We never stop exploring new ways to help clients solve problems and do their best work.

4. By making enterprise technology available to all GRC practitioners, regardless of company size.

Many people are priced out of the market with some of the larger players in the GRC software space, forcing them to use spreadsheets and email to manage their processes. Onspring is approachable for teams of all sizes, from 5 users to 5,000 and beyond.

Our trade show tour continues throughout the year, and we’re excited to share this message and showcase our platform on the expo floor. Check out our Events page to see if we’re coming to a conference near you. Or better yet, request a demo to see what Onspring can do for you today.

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