The GRC Buying Experience

How to Buy GRC Software

By Jeremy Owsley

This past month, Onspring has had several blogs on the ins and outs of GRC—specific topics ranging from the history of GRC,  an overview of GRC platforms, and even a rugby with GRC blog. Working in client success for an enterprise software company, I see the human side of the GRC space and I know how buyer’s remorse can ultimately break a user’s spirit and even deflate an otherwise energized organization. That remorse usually comes from poor up-front research or an overall, bad-purchasing experience.

It’s my job at Onspring to make sure the post-purchase experience is great.

One of the prerequisites to acquiring a GRC platform should be like a lot of other major items that are bought; when you are looking to make a major purchase or acquisition, consult many people in a lot of different areas. Ask your friends or colleagues, read reviews, do extra research, and as strange as this seems, even see what the trolls of the internet have to offer. What you are looking for is a well-rounded, value-based opinion to keep yourself from waking up the day after the purchase—after signing a huge check—and asking yourself, “What have I done!?”

The Buying Experience

Let’s put a little historical perspective on this. The main thing people used to want in a product was value—they wanted to make sure that they got their money’s worth. It’s a little more than that today—what a lot of consumers are looking for now is an experience, a buying experience. Of course, value is still a very big part of that, but I think what value entails today is a lot larger than it used to be.

If you Google “purchase experience,” more than 3 billion results will come back—that’s how important this entire process is—because everyone has an opinion about it. But I think the purchasing experience boils down to just a few things for a buyer:

  • What to do before the purchase
  • The purchase itself
  • What happens after the purchase

One thing I’ve derived from this is that if you don’t do all three in a top-notch manner, the other two won’t matter. I focus on the “after the purchase” process—the moment when customers become a part of our Onspring community. First, let’s take a quick look at the other two points.

Avoiding the Post-Purchase Blues

No matter how much you might trust the references you have, always get more across multiple verticals and different stages of the purchasing process. Ask companies for their Net Promoter Score (NPS), investigate their client satisfaction rating and check review sites. Ask hard questions—if a company has bad reviews, find out what they did to address the issues. All these things add up to more than just value—they create an overarching experience that can make you a super star to your executives and other teams in your company or organization.

When you are looking at GRC software options, look for the product that has clients selling in their trade show booth along side the sales team. Find the software companies whose users say things like, “The platform is really terrific, and their support is even better!” Remove any chance that you’ll have buyer’s remorse when you sign on the dotted line for a new platform. Look for value, but especially look for and find the overall purchase experience that goes along with it.

Your Post-Purchase Advocate

I’m not going to sit here and say Onspring doesn’t have its bad days because it happens—but hardly ever. If you look at our NPS rating of 87.5% and that we were ranked best GRC software by InfoTech Research Group, that speaks for itself. But one of the most telling things is that we have clients who get frustrated because they aren’t used more often as a reference to help with sales—we provide the entire experience so many buyers look for. As for my job, this is what you’ll get from me:

  • An engagement program focused on outcomes based on your success criteria.
  • I am your official Onspring advocate—I will take care of your every need.
  • Everything I do is set up to be value-based for our clients.

I am frequently humbled by the true passion our users have for not only the Onspring product, but the entire Onspring community. This is more than my place of employment—I love helping our clients, and friends, succeed.

Every day, I make sure that Onspring is on it!

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