The Right Connections for Success

By Jeremy Owsley

My dad has taught me many things throughout the course of my life; how to pitch a tent, throw a baseball, get along with all kinds of people. In short, he’s doled out a lot of sage-dad wisdom to me. Some of the best lessons he’s shared is his knowledge of trade skills and the pride you get by building something the right way, especially to code. It has been a never-ending, on-going tutorial—by day the Owsley men are a Client Success Manager (me) and an IT Senior System Engineer (Dad).

But at night we become the superhero team of, “tradesmen.”

Loaded with my dad’s trade wisdom and knowledge, I have remodeled my house with my own two “tradesman” hands, taking extreme pride in knowing that my wife and I selected and installed every piece of hardwood. I gutted and remodeled my entire basement, including the installation of new lighting and sound proofing, plus also adding a custom built-in and storage room—I loved every minute of the work.

Not a van Gogh

There is one trade, unfortunately, that will forever elude me. Painting. I can’t paint to save my life. When my wife and I had our first apartment, I told her I could paint, and while she was at work, I  ended up covering the ceiling and walls with dark forest green paint.

Yes, she fired me. When we finished the upstairs remodel at our house, I was not allowed to paint anything, effectively being banished from the second floor. My wife finished it off with a “painting party” that I wasn’t invited to.

Meticulous Selection

I’ve always bragged to anyone who would listen that I’ve had only just two contractors in my house—my HVAC company and the countertop guy. But to keep my wife from painting our basement and first floor, I had to invite number three in this year. I did what most conscientious people do when they look for a contractor, over-researching every prospective candidate for the job. I took to Google and Facebook for recommendations, bugged my friends for names and looked on bulletin boards at hardware stores.

When I had a final list of painters, I called every reference they gave me and even looked up their Better Business Bureau ratings. I wanted to make sure that when a contractor stepped into my home they were the best. After talking with references and looking at pictures of finished work, I made my pick.

Client for Life

Everyday while the painting crew was working, my wife and I came home very excited to see the completed work, taking daily photos to track the progress. When we did our final walk through, I couldn’t thank them enough and praised their work, professionalism and repeatedly told the crew how happy I was with everything. In the following three days after my job was completed, I had given their name to over a dozen people, resulting in two on-site visits and one agreed upon job. As much as a I love being a do-it-all, do-it-yourself kind of guy, I’m very happy to have found this painting crew. I shook the owner’s hand and told him that they had a client for life.

Making Connections

You’re probably wondering, ‘How does this relate to a business process automation tool?’ It’s all about sharing excitement. Being part of the department that interacts with all Onspring clients, I want them to be as excited about sharing their success with our platform as I am about my painter.

Next week, we are having our annual user conference, Onspring Connect, in Colorado Springs. Connect is a time for our clients to come together and share their stories about Onspring. They show off and talk about the cool projects that they’ve implemented during the past year, but they are just as excited to hear the success stories of the other Onspring users—it’s a great time.

As a prelude to this year’s Connect, here are a few of the success stories that will be shared  in Colorado:

  • Preparing for platform implementation doesn’t have to be hard. The integration of various programs and processes into a new system was easy with Onspring.
  • Tying Business Continuity into existing ERM and Vendor Management solutions achieved a more holistic view of risk, impact and response.
  • Building a custom Knowledge Management solution in Onspring provided a single portal into application data elements across the enterprise.

I’ll proudly wear my Client Success Manger hat at Connect—it’s been an excellent year with our customers and I’m eager to meet the people that give the best feedback possible: a review telling us that they are clients-for-life. It’s not too late to join us. If you could use a trip to a beautiful resort in the shadow of the Rocky Mountains and want to learn more about Onspring, especially if you have a “client-for-life” story to share, come to Colorado for training and the conference, and take that first step in becoming an active member of the Onspring client community.

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