Timeless Reflections

Strong Community and Growth Made 2019 Superb

By Jeremy Owsley

Before everyone says goodbye to 2019, makes a toast to welcome in 2020 or starts pretending to know the words to Auld Lang Syne, I’d like to offer a few of my own recollections on what the last 12 months have meant to me, and also to Onspring. It has been a memorable year—Onspring has made great progress as a company and really hit its stride with growth. I’m glad to have been a part of it, and as the company’s Client Success Manager, my contact with our clients has been extremely rewarding. So, before any acquaintances are forgot, here’s a quick look at some of this year’s highlights.

SoftwareReviews Awards Onspring Gold Medal

One of the best moments of 2019 was Onspring being named a Gold Medalist by SoftwareReviews, who recognizes outstanding vendors in the technology marketplace as evaluated by their users. And that’s the key—our users were responsible for us winning this award.

A quick note about the Gold Medal: By collecting real data from IT and business professionals, SoftwareReviews’ methodology produces the most detailed and authentic insights into the experience of evaluating and purchasing enterprise software. Being a Data Quadrant gold medal recipient requires that a scoring threshold for sufficiently high user satisfaction across four areas of evaluation is met: vendor capabilities, product features, likeliness to recommend, and vendor experience. I’m very proud that we received this award.

SC Media Nomination

Onspring was selected as a Trust Award finalist for Best Business Continuity/Disaster Recovery (BCDR) by cybersecurity experts SC Media. The finalists and winners for the Trust Awards are chosen by an expert panel of judges with extensive knowledge and experience in the cybersecurity industry. Winners will be announced in February, 2020—I can’t express how proud I am that we were chosen. I think Chad Kreimendahl, our CTO and co-founder, said it best about being nominated for the award.

“This recognition is a great example of Onspring empowering our customers to proactively plan for and mitigate cybersecurity threats by connecting information across business units.”

Connecting at Connect

Onspring went to Colorado Springs for our Connect event in 2019, and it was fantastic. I learned more about how our clients use our software than I ever have in talking to them individually. Connect was a hit this year because we set up a place for our clients to come together, collaborate, learn from each other and give out positive encouragement. That’s why Connect is such a success—it’s not just us sitting people down in front of people and telling them, “How I built it” stories. We hear a lot of, “This is how I achieved my goals.” People walk out of there with five other ways to massage the software, to do what they need it to do. It was a rousing success.

As we move into the new year, I’d be remiss if I didn’t share a little info about our Connect 2020 plans. We’re going to Orlando, Florida, this year, and I can’t wait. Yes, the sunshine state will be great, but seeing our clients again, discovering more about how much they have learned about Onspring, will be the best thing again about Connect.

Net Promoter Score – Hitting High Marks

We’ve got fantastic customer sentiment, and we have numbers to back it up. There’s a methodology called the Net Promoter Score, and it’s very simple—how likely is someone to recommend your organization to a friend or a colleague? Here’s the official definition: Net Promoter or Net Promoter Score is a management tool that can be used to gauge the loyalty of a firm’s customer relationships. It serves as an alternative to traditional customer satisfaction research.

Most companies strive for anything above a score of 70, which is excellent. Companies like Apple, USAA and Disney have about a 70% net promoter score.

Onspring’s is 77.8.

We are in the excellence category, which ties into the sentiment we hear from our customers. And it’s also why we have such a high return rate when someone moves from one company to another—they bring us with them. It is a source of great pride for me that our score is so high, and another reason why 2019 has been a banner year.

There are a lot of exciting things lined up for Onspring in the next 12 months. Whatever type of connection you have with the company, know this: Onspring is on it, and we’re looking forward to a 2020 filled with even greater client innovation, new connections and more success throughout the Onspring family.

Happy New Year!

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