What’s New and Exciting? Dynamic Filters for Audit, Risk & Compliance

By Jason Rohlf

I love reconnecting with old friends. There are so many situations in our lives that bring us in contact with other people, and forming a friendship is one of the most rewarding experiences a person can have. These connections make you realize that life is a whole lot bigger than you. That other people can be interesting, caring, maddening and fascinating all at the same time, and that your life can ultimately be richer for it.

Whenever I have the happy chance to reconnect with old friends (personal or professional), I often blurt out my standard conversation opener: “So, what’s new and exciting?” I’m a fan of open-ended questions, and I’m always intrigued by the ways in which people describe their general state of being.

The downside of making such deep connections is that the demands of our everyday life, coupled with the inevitable passage of time, prevent us from remaining as close as we’d like. In the same way I struggle to stay connected with friends, I often find myself struggling to keep up with the pace of progress at Onspring. This is, as some might say, a great problem to have.

The fact that our Product and Development teams are so adept at identifying, understanding, developing and releasing new platform features is what makes our work at Onspring so exciting. But it also presents me with a challenge: How do I make sure we are taking advantage of new capabilities in our solutions? A solution manager like me is typically clamoring for new functionality, but here I am, breaking a sweat to keep up!

With each release, I make time to analyze the key features and perform updates across our full suite of Internal Audit, Risk Management and Compliance solutions. As I do this, I’ll be sharing my thoughts, ideas and insights here on the blog, if only to help spark ideas for our clients on how they, too, can use Onspring to the fullest.

To get the ball rolling, I offer the following:

Feature: Dynamic Reference Filters

Overview: Referencing data across Apps in Onspring is an extremely powerful feature that became even smarter with the Dynamic Filter option. Dynamic filters automatically filter possible content selections in a related App based on criteria you can easily tailor to your needs.

My Use Case: In working with Internal Audit departments, one request I often get is to restrict staff members’ ability to perform work only on Audit Projects to which they have been assigned. When staff members create new workpapers, they should thereby only be able to pick projects that 1) are actually in process and 2) they have been assigned as staff members.

Within the Project field in the IA Workpapers app, I’ve set a rule that the Primary Owner of the workpaper can select a project only when they are also named in a User field (i.e., as Manager, In-Charge or Staff). See the screenshot below for configuration.

Dynamic filtering allows you to introduce multiple field evaluations and gives you the option of dictating that all fields must have a match, or that only one needs to match. This allows you to enforce very specific rules in terms of how relationships are established between records in Onspring, giving you greater control over the integrity of your data.

Other Potential Use Cases:

  • I’m performing a Vendor engagement, and I need to identify my primary Vendor contact. I should be able to select Contact records only if they are related to the Vendor that is the target of the engagement.
  • I have identified a Finding and indicated which risks in my Risk Register impact the Finding. I want to tie the finding to Controls but only those that also relate to any identified risks.
  • I’m required to enter time on my projects and track that time in my weekly Timesheet. I should be able to select only my Timesheets and bill time only to Projects where I’m assigned.

I could go on and on! But I think I’ll leave it there for today. :)

In the coming weeks, I’ll revisit and reconnect with other features that have come out over the last few releases. Until then, I encourage you all to catch up on our release notes in the Onspring Help Library. (See the “What’s New in Onspring” section.)

And on a more personal note, I also encourage you to take the time to reach out to an old friend you haven’t spoken to for a while. You’ll both be glad you did.

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