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How to Keep Fear in Check at the Office

Here’s a small confession: I have an ongoing “thing” with my iPhone. If I’m awake, it needs to be in my hand or within reach, lest I feel cut off from the world. I am afflicted with that modern-day malady, FOMO (fear of missing out). Symptoms? I like receiving constant notifications on my iPhone. Compared to everyone else plagued with FOMO, I’d say I don’t stress easily or live in a constant fear of missing out on something. Then again, my iPhone is always with me.

FOMO is undeniably a thing, an anxiety of monstrous and paralyzing proportions that affects even the keenest of self-actualized people. Compared to other fears, it doesn’t seem like much. Death? Yes, it’s natural to be scared of death. Disease? Death is part of that, too. How about the unknown? That’s almost everything. Of course, there is also fear—fearing fear. Being afraid of FOMO is a real thing, and you should probably fear its presence in the office, too.

Missing Out in the Workplace

Let’s take a look at how it relates to a work environment. Every day at work you might have an opportunity or two, a few moments to move forward, and if you have the right tools at your disposal, the chance to make it a successful day. A lot of fear comes from not being prepared, not having the correct tools needed to fulfill and complete a job. The more it happens, the more FOMO creeps in and takes over, and that can become a truly destructive force in an office setting. Paranoia and gossip can follow failure, making even the best work surroundings implode.

I Want to Help

Here are a few simple suggestions to combat the fear of missing out in the workplace:

  • Socialize – Spend time with your co-workers. The better they know you, the more they’ll look at your work (makes sure it always shines) and that’s where trust falls into place.
  • Work it Good – Always do your best work.
  • Stay Realistic – Keep a check on your duties. If you’re already contributing at a high level on a lot of tasks, stop worrying about the ones you aren’t working on.
  • It Shouldn’t Hurt to Ask – If you think you should be doing more, go ahead and ask the boss to do more. Just make sure the head person knows that you’re doing a bang-up job on your current projects.

In short, what’s the best way to fight workplace FOMO? Being good at your job. And that finally brings me to the main concept concerning this fear of missing out jazz: How these thoughts and steps and suggestions relate to Onspring. Always remember that you’ll never have to worry about missing out on the next big thing, at least as it pertains to Onspring. In addition to all the benefits Onspring’s platform has to offer—no-code, cloud-based platform, superior support, and the ability to adapt the software to fit your needs—you’ll always get our updates and newest features as they relate to your products as soon as they are available. Always. No user misses out, and that’s a big part of the Onspring advantage. FOMO isn’t something our clients deal with, something they even need to think about, at least when it comes to Onspring.

Greener Grass Somewhere Else

Maybe you’ve read a piece in a recent magazine or online about the wonders of GRC Vendor X. Or a new employee wants to know why your company isn’t using a software product they had in the past, which is the greatest thing ever! Or suppose there is a disgruntled worker down the hall, you know the kind, Mr. Negative who likes to spew unconstructive pessimism.

“This software is horrible,” he’ll say to anyone close to his desk. “And it’s three update versions behind. Just horrible.”

The next thing you know, FOMO is camping out at the water cooler and a few more employees are complaining about their software, too. Nobody wants to be ignored or spurned, but unlike Facebook drama, missing out in the workplace can have overwhelmingly bad repercussions. But if everyone is on the same playing field and equipped with excellent tools to produce superior output, FOMO doesn’t have a chance. Giving everyone the same tools to produce good work makes for a happy environment.

So, as you peruse Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and the other social media you’re connected to, keep your FOMO in check when it comes to Onspring. On the go a lot? You can easily access the Onspring platform on a phone or tablet. We’re making sure you’ll never miss a thing when it comes to staying up-to-date with your GRC processes.

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