Scaling Enterprise Risk Management without Doubling Your Team

On-Demand Webinar presented at the 2020 Forrester Security & Risk virtual event.

Forrester Scaling Risk Management On-Demand Webinar

The Head of Information Security at one of the world’s largest financial businesses led a team of six responsible for global execution of all vendor risk assessments, security awareness training, and all financial regulatory compliance and licensing including SOX, SOC1, and PCI. With no ability to hire more staff and twelve disparate tools in use, this team had zero ability to keep up with increasing security threats hitting every aspect of their business. This 26-minute session will unpack how the team utilized a centralized repository, automated workflows and aggregated data to scale their risk management program and become one of the most effective teams in the organization.

Story presented by Jason Rohlf, VP of Solutions at Onspring.


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