How Risk Managers Adjust for the Future

How Risk Managers Adjust for the Next Normal

On-Demand Discussion

While you have settled into a temporary state of normal ─ adjusting to disrupted risk evaluations, revising mitigation plans, and embracing new forms of communication ─ you still need to plan how you adjust for what becomes the next normal.

View this lively discussion with leaders in risk management who will share their plans and recommendations on how risk management groups can prepare for the future.

Key takeaways:

  • Predictions on the future state of normal
  • Actions advised for risk management teams
  • Guidance on how to best manage the changes in your organization

Have questions? We have answers.

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Meet the Panel

Rick Good VP Risk Management Ceridian

Rick Good

VP, Enterprise Risk Management

Brian Hill Senior Vice President Risk Managmenet Cameron Mutual Insurance Company

Brian Hill

Senior Vice President
Cameron Mutual Insurance Company

Jason Rohlf

Jason Rohlf

VP, Solutions