API Integrations & Data Connectors

Onspring’s application programming interface (API) allows external programs to retrieve from or save data to your Onspring instance. Whether on their own, with the help of Onspring’s Professional Services team or by working with an integration partner, our clients have integrated with various third-party content, intelligence, data and analytics systems and tools from the world’s leading providers.

Data Connectors can exist as direct connections to Onspring partners, such as the Unified Compliance (UCF) Common Controls Hub. Data Connectors can also be file-based where users obtain data from a user-specified location of their choice.

  • A data connector can import data into multiple apps at once.
  • Once you map tables from the data source to apps in Onspring, you can perform field-level mappings to define the exact location for individual data points.
  • Data connector configurations are reusable. You can configure a data connector once and run it whenever needed to update data in Onspring.
  • Data connectors can be run on a scheduled basis, including daily, weekly and monthly.

APIs make it possible to connect with data repositories or other software solutions. Many of our clients have leveraged Onspring’s API, successfully connecting to and integrating content from many of the following providers to enhance their instance.

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Onspring’s .NET SDK is available in GitHub.

The .NET SDK for the Onspring API simplifies .NET application development for Onspring customers who would like to integrate with their Onspring instance.

Onspring API documentation

The Onspring API allows external programs to retrieve and save data within an Onspring instance.

API Resource:

Onspring–UCF Integration Data Sheet

Learn how the Onspring Data Connector gives you the power of an API with push-button ease. Put this functionality to work to improve visibility, accountability and efficiency in your compliance program.

Onspring UCF(Unified Compliance) Integration Data Sheet