Web Training Program

The Onspring web training program is a “just-in-time learning” experience for Onspring administrators. Through our web training site, you’ll have on-demand access to instructional videos, documentation and online help, all from the comfort of your desk.

Web Training Highlights:

  • Web training is for admin users. The program will guide you through Onspring platform features so you know how to configure apps, reports, dashboards, messaging, users, surveys and more.
  • The Onspring web training site is available to all your admin users so they can watch instructional videos and download resources on-demand.
  • Your web training program includes 2 Q&A sessions (up to 1 hour each) with an Onspring trainer. You can schedule these sessions anytime within your 12-month training period.

The Onspring Web training site is available to clients and partners via a paid subscription. Please contact your account manager for pricing details.

FREE FRIDAY TRAINING: Gain practical, actionable knowledge with our new 30-minute micro-learning sessions held online the 1st & 3rd Fridays of each month. Sign up today.

Web Training Videos

The Onspring Web Training site offers more than 8 hours of training content, broken down into bite-sized videos for easy, self-paced learning. Our training videos cover the following topics:

App Layouts & Field Types

Learn about the fields types available to you when configuring Onspring apps. Understand how to create and edit fields, add them to the layout, and group them by sections or tabs.

Data Relationships

Understand how to configure references between apps. Learn best practices for data relationships, and discover how content in one app can be displayed and used in another.

Reports & Charts

Learn how to build live reports to display information in text or chart format. Understand report filters, scheduled reports, export options and temporary report creation.


Learn how to group reports onto dashboards to give users immediate access to the data and functions they need. Also learn how to bundle dashboards into functional containers.

Users & Access

Learn how to add users and configure their profiles. Understand groups and roles for granting access to content and administrative functions within the Onspring platform.

Email Messaging

Discover how to alert users via email when content or tasks require their attention. See how to configure reminders based on due dates and logical rules.

Triggers & Outcomes

Learn how to define rules to automatically set or filter list values, auto-create new records, hide entire sections of fields, set date values or require values based on data conditions.

Intro to Formulas

Understand how to auto-generate field values, such as statuses, ratings and due dates. See the Onspring formula builder and step through a variety of real-world formula use cases.


Learn how to configure surveys to collect data from external recipients. Understand question types, branching logic and scoring. See how to launch campaigns to gather survey responses.

Data Import

Understand how to import historical data into Onspring quickly and accurately. See how to set up your data file and load it into your target app. Also learn troubleshooting techniques.

Dynamic Documents

Learn how to auto-generate documents in Word and PDF format, such as reports and memos. See how to pull content from multiple related records into one cohesive, polished view.

Visual Workflow

Understand Onspring’s visual workflow builder for managing content review and approval. Learn how to configure various stages with targeted reviewers.

Web training is available to clients and partners only. Not there yet? Request a Demo.