GRC & Business Process Platform – Why Innovators Choose Onspring

Learn how Onspring clients are solving problems and gaining efficiencies with our flexible, no-code platform.

Video Transcript: Why Innovators Choose Onspring

Chris Redner: The usability of it, is it’s so easy to get around in it from day one.

Kris Reed: It was very easy to just go in and take the platform because it’s so dynamic and be able to design it around our existing process and evolve with it. So, it was very easy to use. It’s quick. It’s a very simple process and we’ll continue to evolve it because it’s so simple.

Chad Baragar: The Onspring team helped us build it out and implement it. But since then, we’ve been able to get in the application and actually perform our own enhancements given the flexibility of the platform.

Jeff Glasco: And having a system now, we can lock down that process flow step-by-step. It has been a game changer for us.

Chris Redner: We can do so many things beyond just your typical GRC. And we can branch out to things like our insurance management, even HR related functions.

Paul Henriques: It’s a phenomenal team. They’re always there. They really enjoy the quality of the product. And they reinforce the quality product by themselves.

Chris Redner:  They didn’t tell us to pick Onspring. It was just obvious.