Real-time reporting and risk insights

Whether it’s granular details or big-picture progress, real-time reporting keeps you in the know in the now.

Dynamic data visualizations

Real-time reporting comes right out of the box with Onspring. Connect your data and see instant measurement. Then filter and slice your data to curate specific insights.

Single-click to Detail

Drill directly into reports to see multiple levels of detail

Choose Your Chart

Display bar, column, pie, donut, line, spline, funnel, calendar, Gantt, heat maps & bubble charts

Plot by Geography

Pinpoint data by location to see vendor venues, asset risks & even continuity plans by geography

Edit Live

Change the style or data of your report directly from the report

Filter Data On the Fly

Filter any report, listing or dashboard from the field headings

Bulk Edit Data

Apply the same change to multiple records directly from a report for fast updates

Why use Onspring real-time reporting?

Onspring is for business users who need instant visibility & transparency

  • See current, integrated data at any given moment

  • No more wasted days manually compiling reports

  • Comprehensive data intelligence drives faster & smarter decision-making

  • Automatically generate stakeholder reports for individuals or groups

Real Risk Tracking in Onspring GRC Software

How our real-time reporting works

Always on reporting means raw data is always in meaningful visualizations.

How Real-Time Reporting Works
Client Elston Memorial Hermann

Clint Elston, CISSP
Director – HIPAA Audit Risk Management

See how customers use real-time reporting

“We used to spend a lot of time creating reports, and now that we use Onspring, our reports already exist before they’re due.”

Find out what real-time reporting could do for you

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