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Make Your Audits More Successful in 2024

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In light of evolving challenges, we know it’s important for internal audit functions to remain agile. At the same time, it’s still critically important to shore up solid practices that prepare your organization for external audits.

How can you find the sweet spot for your program?

Watch now to see Melissa Ryan & Brandi Lawson from Asureti best practices for a successful audit.

Key takeaways:

  • Define Your Audit Focus: Learn how to find and prioritize the most critical aspects of your internal audit procedures.
  • Provide Subject Matter Expert Education: Find out quick ways to keep your team well-informed with the latest subject matter expertise.
  • Centralize Data & Streamline Workflows: Hear how we recommend driving efficiency and reducing errors.
  • Maximize Onspring for Successful Audits: Learn tips & tricks for streamlining your processes in Onspring
Automation Saves Time & Effort

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