The Right Moves – The Evolution of Approach in Risk Management

The Right Moves Onspring Risk Management Ebook

Onspring describes how to stay on top of your risk management with the right moves.

Defining your approach to risk management is important and how you manage risk matters. This paper will help define your ever-evolving risk procedures so you can make the right moves needed to move forward.

  • Risk Identification: Risk management starts with identifying risks.
  • Assessment Process: Includes how to enter, review and approve a newly identified risk.
  • Risk Response: Your response represents your organization’s process and philosophy for addressing the risks impacting its ability to meet its most critical objectives.
  • Trending: Well-managed companies want to be able to show their management and executives how that risk is “doing.”
  • Ownership: A risk without an owner is problematic, and if there is no owner for a risk, it likely isn’t being managed effectively.
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