January 2022 Regional Summit


Thursday, January 27, 2022
1:00 pm – 8:00 pm Pacific

FREE half-day in-person Onspring event for insights on:

  • Future Onspring platform & solution innovations
  • Success stories from Onspring customers
  • Hands-on workshops for 3rd & 4th party risk management
  • One-of-a-kind networking experiences

Seating is limited; advanced registration is required. 


VENUEStarBase Event Center
3905 W Diablo Drive, Las Vegas Nevada, 89118

Agenda & Speakers

1:00 pm

Innovation Roadmap: Features, Functionality & Solutions

Learn what’s coming to the Onspring platform in terms of features and functionality in the coming months and over the long term. Then get a briefing on the newest Onspring solutions hitting the platform that provide ready-made process flows and dashboards for your teams. 

Learning Objectives: 

  • See what software enhancements are coming throughout the year
  • Experience a walk-through of the newest Onspring solutions 
  • Start aligning your Onspring roadmap to take advantage of new features and solutions 


  • Matt Pugh, Executive Vice President, Product, Onspring
  • Pat Richards, Director, Solution Innovation, Onspring

2:45 pm

Success Story: Caesars Entertainment


Mark Dunaisky, CISSP, CTPRP, CSM
Third-party Risk Manager, Caesars Entertainment

3:15 pm

Workshop: Unpacking 3rd & 4th Party Risk Strategies

The security world has only become more complex in the last two years, with many teams overwhelmed by the volume and specificity of what is now required to keep their organization safe. A lot of debate has surfaced among third-party risk teams regarding prioritization and even ceasing activities in some cases. In this workshop, we’ll review the fluctuating variables of the last two years, present strategies for more effective and efficient vendor risk management, and conduct hands-on scenario planning for many organizations in the room. 

Learning Objectives: 

  • New considerations for ongoing 3rd & 4th party risk management
  • Alternative strategies of forward-thinking enterprises 
  • Tactical recommendations to improve your approach, regardless of maturity


Mark Dunaisky, CISSP, CTPRP, CSM
Third-party Risk Manager, Caesars Entertainment

4:00 pm

COVID Long-Hauler Symptoms in Your Supply Chain

Short-term financial ratings of suppliers coming out of our current COVID chapter are strong, but the long-term financial health scores paint a different picture. This deep dive will unpack what the data says on the long-term global financial outlook and what that means for vendor managers today. 

Learning Objectives: 

  • Lessons learned from the pandemic & tactics to carry forward
  • Insights on the long-term financial health of supply chains
  • Implications for vendor managers and risk owners
  • Tactical recommendations to plan for a future bubble


Eric Evans, Managing Director, RapidRatings International

4:30 pm

Fortune Hunting: An Onspring-style Networking Event

Something akin to speed-dating, only in a professional sense that makes an afternoon with strangers much more enjoyable.

5:00 pm

Craft Cocktails & Conversation

Only the best for our guests in the form of both non-alcoholic and alcoholic liquid courage.

6:00 pm

Live Chef Dinner Experience

Live demonstration with the chef, not to learn how to make a gourmet meal, but to understand what goes into the love and labor that you’ll consume.

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Space is limited at this venue and advance registration is required.

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