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Business Process Automation

6 Common Mistakes to Avoid in Business Process Automation

Webinar hosted by PEX

Despite having the best intentions at heart when implementing business process automation to optimize a team or an entire organization, those in charge of process improvement can run into common pitfalls.

This webinar will review the six most common mistakes across people, processes and technology. It will unpack how they can be detrimental to initiatives, how to prevent their occurrence proactively and how to adjust course when feeling the effects of one, or several, of these mistakes.

Through real-world examples from teams representing compliance, third-party risk management and information security across several industries, this webinar will offer attendees actionable advice to avoid falling into these common pitfalls.

Key Takeaways:

  • The most common mistakes in process improvement initiatives and how to avoid falling prey to them.
  • Ways to adjust course if you find yourself in the midst of a significant problem.
  • How to review best practices to prevent problems in your best laid plans.
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