Onspring automates the process to map CMMC compliance requirements, to collect evidence and to provide documentation for CMMC, which gets your organization audit-ready.

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With Onspring, you can quickly monitor your organization’s status for CMMC domains, capabilities, and practices in accordance with any of the five CMMC levels. You can easily assess and track subcontractors’ level of CMMC compliance as well.

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Why Automation Wins Over Spreadsheets for CMMC

CMMC Analytics Capabilities


  • Conduct maturity evaluations to confirm readiness across CMMC domains, capabilities and practices

  • Automate subcontractor self-reporting of their CMMC status

  • Auto-generate issues for missing or inadequate documentation for resolution prior to audits


  • Report on any level of CMMC hierarchy (practices, capabilities and domains) for your organization

  • Leverage real-time views into compliant and non-compliant practices by each maturity level

  • Track subcontractors by certification status and organize by criticality

Use Onspring dashboards to monitor your CMMC program.


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CMMC stands for Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification and is a verification mechanism issued by the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) to assess the cybersecurity practices of businesses in the Defense Industrial Base (DIB). CMMC is being incorporated into Defense Federal Acquisition Regulation Supplement (DFARS; also known as NIST 800-171) and will be used as a requirement for the DoD to award a contract to a business.

For the DoD, CMMC is important because it provides increased assurance to the DoD that a DIB company can protect sensitive, unclassified information—as well as providing that same assurance for the company’s subcontractors in its supply chain. For companies that want to do business with the federal government, it will be critical to show their level of CMMC because the level of maturity must match the requirements in the RFP upon which the company is bidding.

Since CMMC is a certification framework, companies must be able to demonstrate achievement of the required practices within the CMMC level that is commensurate to the RFP upon which they are bidding.

Unlike NIST SP 800-171, the CMMC framework is comprised of five maturity levels. CMMC is cumulative, meaning each level consists of its own set of practices and processes in addition to those specified in the lower levels. Plus, CMMC includes additional cybersecurity practices to those security requirements specified in NIST SP 800-171.

The CMMC framework includes five maturity levels:

      1. Basic Cybersecurity Hygiene (17 practices)
      2. Intermediate Cybersecurity Hygiene (72 practices)
      3. Good Cybersecurity Hygiene (130 practices)
      4. Proactive Cybersecurity Hygiene (156 practices)
      5. Advanced/Progressive Cybersecurity Hygiene (171 practices)

To qualify for a maturity level, the same level requirements must also be achieved by a company’s vendors and third parties. Needless to say, mapping your processes and those of your third parties to CMMC requirements as well as conducting & reporting on evaluations demands impeccable organization & documentation. Luckily, those capabilities are exactly what Onspring offers in our CMMC software solution.

Onspring triggers surveys via email to your subcontractors to identify your subcontractor’s targeted maturity level, desired certification date, and attached certificate.

These surveys can be automatically sent as part of the due diligence process for new subcontractors or during the onboarding process for each new subcontractor. 

Yes. Practice evaluations in Onspring are auto-created based on the selected targeted maturity level.

For example, if your organization maintains Level 3 maturity status, Onspring will scope your project to auto-select the domains, capabilities, and practices to satisfy Level 3 maturity. If and when your organization moves to Level 4 maturity, you can simply change the maturity level in the pre-built application to correspond with the Level 4 assessment criteria.

CMMC requires a considerable amount of documentation. Onspring automation eliminates your need to manually manage: 

      • Criteria for each of the 5 CMMC maturity levels 
      • All 17 CMMC domains
      • Every corresponding process, practice and capability
      • Evaluations / assessments sent to subcontractors
      • Reporting on status of activities to the business

You can eliminate the need for Excel spreadsheets from this process. Onspring delivers real-time notifications and connected data to manage every aspect of CMMC for your organization, allowing you to bid on government contracts that could grow your business. 


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