Monitoring Financial Regulations

Is your team able to analyze voluminous, financial regulatory text to determine the relevant obligations for your organization?

When enterprises integrate financial regulatory knowledge from Ascent into Onspring workflows, compliance teams are able to pinpoint obligations and regulatory requirements to expedite action throughout their compliance program.

Ascent RegTech
GRC Management with Onspring

Track risk in financial regulations

Ascent is a regulatory knowledge platform that streamlines the most tedious and error-prone parts of the regulatory change process. By combining artificial intelligence (AI) technology with human expertise, Ascent helps regulated financial industries—specifically financial services firms—effectively manage regulatory change and reduce reputational risk at a fraction of the time and cost.

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Regulatory Change Management made easy with Ascent regtech

  • Real-time, financial regulations monitoring data

  • Automate impact assessments as rules change in Onspring

  • Receive alerts when rules change

  • Trigger notifications from Onspring to teams and third parties to activate workflows based on rule changes

Financial regulation monitoring is easier with Onspring


Obligations are updated and linked directly to rules


Line-by-line analysis identifies obligations relevant to your business with 99.5% accuracy

Save Time

No more tedious, manual, error-prone reviews of obligations


Identify regulatory compliance risks & activate corrective actions before issues occur

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Dive into Ascent details

Learn more about Ascent regulatory data in Onspring, including how to get started with automated regulatory change management.

Learn about Ascent in Onspring

See Ascent data firsthand

How no-code GRC automation works


No. We offer a solution that pulls data from your Ascent subscription into Onspring to fuel your regulatory compliance reports and trigger action plans. Ascent & Onspring are compatible compliance tools, and you can integrate no-code apps to automate any compliance process in your corporate governance program.

No. Onspring provides out-of-the-box dashboards featuring multiple, ready-made reports for Ascent data to identify regulatory gaps.

You can build new reports or customize the ready-made options on your own with the use of Onspring’s self-administration and no-code functionality.

Ascent covers over 125 regulatory bodies, including U.S. federal regulators and U.S. state regulators as well as Europe, APAC, and other global regulators. You will choose which regulator/s apply to your business when you subscribe to Ascent.

For banks and other financial firms that operate nationally in the United States, Ascent covers CFPB, CFTC, FDIC, FinCEN, FINRA, FFIEC IT Work Programs, FRB, NFA, OCC, OFAC, and SEC.

No. You do not need an Ascent subscription to use Onspring. The Regulatory Compliance Solution available in Onspring is most effective when a data provider, like Ascent, is connected.

Adding data from an Ascent subscription to Onspring provides comprehensive coverage and centralized management of compliance operations, financial regulatory change, and risk exposure, eliminating the need to log into multiple software systems. Plus, you can initiate action plans from changes in rules automatically in Onspring.