Simplify management of CMMC 2.0

Tracking your organization’s efforts to prepare for and achieve Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC) requires next-level organization.

It’s time to try fully connected automation.

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Monitor your status against CMMC 2.0 levels that map directly to NIST SP 800-171 and NIST SP 800-172 frameworks.

CMMC Management Software

With Onspring, you can quickly monitor your organization’s status by any of the three CMMC 2.0 levels and activate the POA&M process with findings.

Simplified & Centralized Software for CMMC 2.0

Save Time with Assessments & Communication
  • Automatically scope and deploy controls & control objectives based on assessment level

  • Dynamically calculate the Supplier Performance Risk System (SPRS) Score based on compliant controls

  • Track identified deficiencies and related mitigation procedures through the POA&M process

  • Trigger notifications to assigned testers, alerting them of new evaluations

Centralize controls in Onspring
CMMC Results Report
Automatically Generate CMMC Reports
  • Filter reports on-the-fly by assessment, date, and more to view only the specific CMMC data needed for analysis

  • View a repository of NIST framework, controls, control objectives, findings, and remediations

  • Generate formatted stakeholder reports for periodic certification review

  • Import templates load your controls & objectives specific to NIST SP 800-171 & NIST SP 800-172

Ease of Use Across CMMC Roles & Responsibilities

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Assessment Owners

Create new assessments & determine the assessment level before reviewing the evaluation progress against a timeline

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Assigned Testers

Determine a ‘met’ or ‘not met’ status of assigned control objectives and manage ongoing findings in the POA&M process

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Control Owners

Document evidence and perform control self-assessments to identify deficiencies, manage the POA&M process, and review controls

Dig into the details of Onspring's CMMC management software

Onspring CMMC Management software for you

It’s all about the visibility of your CMMC 2.0 compliance and certification status. Dive into the details of Onspring’s CMMC Management software, including dashboard filtering, automated workflows, and control-level reporting.

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Yes. Practice evaluations in Onspring are auto-created based on the selected targeted maturity level.

For example, if your organization maintains Level 2 status, Onspring will scope your project to auto-select the controls and control objectives that satisfy Level 2 maturity. If and when your organization moves to Level 3, you can simply change the maturity level in the pre-built application to correspond with the Level 3 assessment criteria.

CMMC requires a considerable amount of documentation. Onspring automation eliminates your need to manage manually:

  • Criteria for each CMMC 2.0 level
  • Every corresponding control and control objective
  • Reporting on status of activities to the business

You can eliminate the need for Excel spreadsheets from this process. Onspring delivers real-time notifications and connected data to manage every aspect of CMMC for your organization, allowing you to bid on government contracts that could grow your business.

Ideas to Get You Started

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Onspring’s Third-Party/ Vendor management software helps you identify, assess & control supplier relationships to minimize risk

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