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Plan of Action & Milestones (POA&M) Management Software

Vulnerabilities need resolution fast. That’s where Onspring’s POA&M Management software comes in. From planning to workflows to notifications to reporting, our POA&M automations create a more secure, efficient, compliant environment and deliver cost savings in the process.

POA&M Management Automation in Onspring

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Integrate and manage internal & external security findings while simultaneously automating workflows, approvals, analytics, and continuous monitoring.

Deliver real-time status & evidence against scheduled completion dates for milestones with cost summaries.

POA&M Management in Cloud-based FedRAMP Software

Decision-making POA&M management
  • Consolidated documentation of weaknesses, identification sources, response decisions, remediation actions & more

  • Measure response and resolution times, plus calculate financial costs and operational resources for resolution

  • Start with a ready-to-go program and tailor it to fit your environment

POA&M workflow Process in Onspring Software
POA&M Findings with Details in Onspring
Connected POA&M data
  • Centralize and prioritize security weaknesses from A&A and CM—at both the program and system levels

  • Ready-to-go SCF content that automatically links to NIST 800-53 category based on related agency control

  • Multi-level review & approval workflows for assessments, deviations, and communication to authorizing officials

Automated POA&M reporting
  • Instantly produce a system- or program-based POA&M report with any level of detail

  • View comparative analytics of actual vs. estimated costs year over year or by NIST 800-53 categories

  • Filter report data by office, agency, risk rating, financial cost & more

POA&M Report in Onspring
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How can Onspring’s POA&M Management software help you?

Dive into the details of Onspring’s POA&M Management software, including, dashboard filtering, automated workflows, and multi-app reporting.

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Yes. The workflow in Onspring’s POA&M software includes the full POA&M management lifecycle from identifying a weakness to analyzing the risk level, accepting risks and instigating corrective action plans, to estimating costs and completion dates, and documenting progress and results.

While the process workflow is ready-made in Onspring, you can easily adjust any step to accommodate variances specific to your agency.

Yes. Dashboards in Onspring bring all relevant POA&M tracking information into a centralized view. This means you’ll have real-time, consolidated reporting of all known issues and can drill directly into details to understand remediation efforts, including timing, milestones, and costs.

To see all the visualized data in reports and dashboards, request a demo.

Yes. Onspring dashboards provide a consolidated view into all issues, which include reports to segment risks by level so your team can take a risk-based approach to issues triaging and prioritization.

Automated triggers in Onspring can also be used to notify team members when high-risk weaknesses are logged. This functionality provides immediate visibility to escalate issues for remediation.

Onspring POA&M software can manage issues generated by audit, A&A, and configuration management processes. Issues can be logged directly in Onspring by a user, or automation can ingest issues from other software, email sends, and even Slack instant messages.

On average, customers experience 40%-time savings when using Onspring and prevent hundreds of thousands of dollars in fines and costs from security deficiencies.

  • Always-on live reporting eliminates time spent aggregating and formatting data for reports.
  • Automated project management eliminates time spent assigning tasks, following up with owners, and keeping all stakeholders updated with costs, timelines, and open risks.
  • Relational data connects weaknesses to controls, policies, and frameworks so you know every element of your agency that is impacted.

Onspring admin services can help you every step of the way with configuration of your POA&M mangement, from implementation to ongoing admin services or special builds.

The use of software, per se, to manage POA&M is not a mandate. However, businesses working under DoD contracts are required to comply with DFARS rule 252.204-7012 to protect controlled unclassified information. Ultimately, that compliance means a business must implement the cybersecurity requirements outlined in the National Institutes of Standards and Technology (NIST) 800-171 standard.

Within this standard, a business is required to systematically assess its cybersecurity risk, namely the risks associated with incomplete 800-171 compliance. Additionally, the business is also required to instill a Plan of Action and Milestones (POA&M), identifying steps that the business will carry out to mitigate those incomplete 800-171 risks.

Due to the complexities, timelines and budget, automating your POA&M management with Onspring software is often the most efficient way to streamline workflows, reporting and documentation.

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