Process Automation Software

Get more efficiency & faster productivity with automation that takes grind out of the workday.

Make Work Flow

Say goodbye to siloed spreadsheets and redundant manual tasks. You can streamline, automate, and visualize a multitude of business processes using our ready-to-flow plans. Or we can help build your own custom framework from the ground up.


Automate Messaging &
Touchless Notifications

Your specified business logic alerts teammates to take action or reminds them to complete tasks via automatic messages. No DMs or countless check-ins needed from you.

Surveys out. Data in.

In minutes you can create surveys that securely collect internal or external, third-party data at scale. And those survey results automatically get scored for analysts and reporting. That’s as efficient as it gets.


Pull in Your Favorite Integrations

Already have a few worthwhile tools in your tech stack? We welcome your favorites and can integrate their functions into our centralized, user-friendly platform.

No Coding Needed

Anyone on your team can use our drag-and-drop configurations, apps, workflows, dashboards and reports. No need for a developer to get you started or keep you going.


Can automation really give your team hours back in their days?


And we can’t wait to show you how.