Customer Training & Upskilling Opportunities

With live and on-demand training options, you’ll gain the skills you need to innovate and automate in Onspring.

Hands-On Administrator Training

Onspring training is the fastest way to onboard new administrators to the platform. Our immersive learning experiences combine pro instruction, feature demonstration, hands-on labs, and Q&A so you walk away with powerful, practical configuration skills.

Start Here:

Onspring Essentials

Best for: Administrators who want to learn platform building blocks and automation features.

15 learning hours and hands-on labs covering:

  • Platform Overview and Navigation

  • Content and Version History

  • App Structure

  • Field Types and Data Relationships

  • Data Import

  • Users and Access

  • Reports, Charts, and Dashboards

  • Formulas

  • Triggers and Outcomes

  • Email Messaging

View Onspring Essentials training curriculum > 

Upon completion of Onspring Essentials training and hands-on labs, participants will have an opportunity to earn the Onspring Certified Administrator – Level 1 credential.

Dive Deeper:

Feature Bootcamps

Prerequisite: Onspring Essentials

Survey Bootcamp
Learn how to capture data from internal/external parties through surveys.

6 learning hours and hands-on labs covering:

  • Survey Design, Branching, and Scoring

  • Campaigns for Survey Delivery

  • Supporting Data, Messaging, and Reporting

Workflow Bootcamp
Learn how to automate a content review and approval process with multi-path workflow.

6 learning hours and hands-on labs covering:

  • Workflow Concepts and Decision Points

  • Step Configuration and Routing

  • Enrollment Logic and Process Reporting

What to expect during administrator training

Expert Instruction

Our trainers will take you on a guided tour of Onspring, starting with basic navigation and working up to advanced automation. Learn step-by-step configuration strategies and best practices to gain confidence as an Onspring administrator.

Hands-on Labs

For each major concept, you’ll complete lab exercises in an assigned Onspring Training instance. Lab exercises help translate “head knowledge” into practical skills you can put to work right away.

Onspring Certification

Upon completion of Onspring Essentials training and hands-on labs, you may earn the Onspring Certified Administrator–Level 1 credential by passing an exam. Onspring will also provide documentation that you may submit to your governing body for CPE credits. (Onspring does not issue CPE credits directly.)

More Ways to Learn

Onspring offers many paths for continued education in both live and on-demand formats. Administrators and end users can gain fresh ideas, insights, best practices, and pro tips on platform features and solution configurations.

Free Friday Training

Quick, live instruction sessions on new platform features, solution best practices, and strategies for implementation success are held monthly. Each session unpacks a dedicated topic, providing you with refreshers on platform features or ideas for applying new functionality.

  • Designated Fridays, Noon ET / 9 am PT

  • 30-minutes in length

  • Held virtually

  • Live Q&A

Free Friday Training for Onspring Admins
Onspring Web Training on the Community site

Always-on Web Training

Ready-to-watch, recorded instruction on all major areas of Onspring platform configuration is available through the Onspring Community in videos, downloadable guides, solution documentation, and searchable online help. On-demand training resources are available via annual subscription.

Topics include, but are not limited to:

  • Navigating and Working in Onspring

  • Apps, Field Types, and Surveys

  • Data Relationships (Reference Fields)

  • Data Imports, Users, and Access

  • Dashboards, Reports, and Formulas

  • Workflow, Triggers, and Outcomes

  • Messaging (Email, Slack, SMS)

Upcoming Training Opportunities

What customers are saying

Top Capabilities_Availability and Quality of Training

“Each aspect of the training course was thoughtfully prepared. I came home feeling confident. Thanks for setting us up for success!”

– Sr. Paralegal for Financial Services Client

“The team who provided the training was outstanding.”

– Quality Manager for Energy Client

“Thanks for all of the insight and guidance. I’m excited to enhance our current Onspring functionality from the knowledge gained through the course.”

– Internal Auditor for Technology Client

“The training was really well done, and I can tell the team enjoys what they do.  Overall, very impressed with Onspring.”

– Paralegal for Financial Services Client

“The training was very helpful, and the guides were extremely useful and detailed.”

– Director of Compliance for Banking Client


If you have a pre-purchased training pass included in your Onspring platform package or annual training subscription, you may take the Onspring Essentials training class to develop your foundational knowledge of the platform.

Upon completion of Onspring Essentials, you may take any Feature Bootcamp of interest. Each training pass may be assigned to only one person, and the pass is good for a 12-month period aligning with your license term. (Contact your Onspring Client Success Manager to see if you have passes available.)

If you do not have pre-purchased training passes, you may purchase an a la carte training pass, according to these options:

  • Onspring Essentials + Feature Bootcamps: With this training pass, you may participate in Onspring Essentials training, which includes the Onspring Certified Administrator – Level 1 exam, plus any Feature Bootcamps of interest within a 12-month period. Onspring Essentials is a prerequisite for all Feature Bootcamps. Each training pass may be used by only one person, and each class may be taken only once within the 12-month period.
  • Onspring Essentials Only: With this training pass, you may participate in an Onspring Essentials class of your choice, which includes the Onspring Certified Administrator – Level 1 exam. Each training pass may be used by only one person.
  • Feature Bootcamps Only: With this training pass, you may participate in any Feature Bootcamps of interest within a 12-month period. Onspring Essentials is a prerequisite for all Feature Bootcamps. Each training pass may be used by only one person, and each class may be taken only once within the 12-month period.

Essentials + Feature Bootcamps: Multiple classes are hosted throughout the year. Most classes are delivered remotely, and you may participate from the comfort of your home or office. In-person classes will be clearly labeled on the registration form and will be hosted at Onspring’s headquarters in Overland Park, KS.

Onspring Essentials and Feature Bootcamp classes are open only to current clients and partners. Advance registration is required. Participation is limited to ensure a positive experience for all learners, and registration closes when each class is filled.

Free Friday Training: 30-minute micro-learning sessions typically occur one Friday per month. These classes are only open to Onspring clients and partners, and advanced registration is required.

Our Onspring Essentials and Feature Bootcamp courses, plus access to always-on web training have associated fees, if your organization did not purchase training as part of your license.

You can simply purchase a pass to a training course by registering on the website.

Free Friday Training sessions are hosted several times a month and are open to any Onspring customer, regardless of licensing level.

Register online for your preferred training type. View upcoming training sessions >

Onspring trainers are experienced Onspring administrators from our Services team. Trainers share real examples and practical insights from years of experience delivering Onspring solutions for customers across industries.

The Onspring Essentials and Feature Bootcamp classes are focused on platform configuration. The training is product-neutral, meaning you can apply the skills you develop to any business process or use case. Trainers are adept at demonstrating Onspring functionality within various use cases that interest training participants, making the instruction relevant and meaningful.

If you need end-user training on your specific Onspring implementation, our Professional Services team will be happy to help. End-user training and/or documentation are frequently included in Onspring services engagements. Additionally, we offer end-user guides for our core products, available via the Onspring Community.

You’ll receive a lab guide, featuring a series of hands-on skill labs that guide you through applying the knowledge you learn in class directly to real-world use cases within the Onspring interface.

If you are attending an in-person training course with Onspring, you’ll need your laptop to participate in the learning sessions and hands-on labs.

Onspring will provide a lab instance where you will perform configuration activities. You will not need to access your company’s Onspring instance during the training class.

Certification is attained by passing an exam that includes platform concept questions along with hands-on configuration challenges.

Onspring Essentials participants will receive the opportunity to complete the exam at the time of their training. Completion of Onspring Essentials training, including 100% completion of the hands-on lab activities, is a prerequisite to take the certification exam going forward.

If you have previously taken Onspring Essentials training or have 3+ years of proven experience as an Onspring Administrator, you can participate without retaking Onspring Essentials if you wish. If you meet this criteria, you can register for an exam session in the Onspring Community. There is a flat fee to take the exam outside of Onspring Essentials training, which will be charged at the time of the registration. Sign up for an upcoming exam session>

Your exam will be scheduled in a two-week session during which you can move through the questions and configurations at your own pace, saving your progress as you go. If you pass the exam with a score of 80% or better, you’ll earn the Onspring Certified Administrator – Level 1 credential. Additional levels of certification will be announced once they are available.

See the following for more details: Onspring Certification – Level 1 FAQs

Our advice for improving your Onspring administrator skills is two-fold:

Join our regular Free Friday Training Sessions. In each session, you’ll gain insights and advice for Onspring use in different programs and processes, plus administrative education on Onspring platform features.

Join Onspring Connect user events. All customer events are designed to help you improve how you use Onspring. Attend these events to see how other customers build dashboards and processes in Onspring, and ask for their advice on where you may need help or have ideas to develop.

Remember, after you complete Onspring Essentials and Bootcamp training courses, you’ll have access to your lab instance for 30 days. Use this environment to practice and experiment with configurations if you do not have a development environment.

You may cancel your registration for any training class for a full refund up to 7 days before the class begins, if you paid separate from your license. After that point, you may request to transfer your registration to another participant or another scheduled class session. Email for assistance.

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