Internal Audit Software

Better audits deliver better insights. From planning to reporting, Onspring’s internal audit software delivers seamless process automation and real-time analytics to maximize efficiency, transparency, and control across the entire internal audit process.

Audit management analytics dashboard

Consolidated internal audit software

We know that swifter, repeatable workflows and automatic reporting improve your team’s response rates. That’s why our internal audit software is designed with out-of-the-box best practices and easy-to-use apps that empower teams to manage activities, evidence, and analytics—all of which automatically build reliable audit trails for strategic, actionable insights.

Faster internal audit management

  • Plan for annual audits with transparent project staffing, fieldwork, and reporting

  • Relate any data point in your audit universe, including workpapers, plans, auditable entities, and findings

  • Track findings and connect to related controls and policies

  • Track review notes & audit tasks by plan, budget, and employee

  • Conduct internal & external surveys and collaborate with external auditors

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Dig into the details of Onspring's internal audit software

Dig into the details of Onspring’s internal audit software

Check out the Internal Audit Solution Brief to see everything included.

HIPAA Audit Risk Management in Onspring

Now able to simultaneously manage OCR compliance, HIPAA compliance, and report on privacy incidents—all under the HITRUST and NIST frameworks—the Memorial Hermann Health System audit team is fully connected to the rest of the business.

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Learn about Onspring platform features

Onspring Platform Features

  • Reporting: Real-time data in tables, graphs & maps

  • Workflows: Create multi- or single-path workflows

  • Surveys: Send assessments on a schedule or ad hoc

  • Control Access: Set permissions and security controls

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Track Audit Findings in Onspring


Yes, you can use Onspring to perform SOC 2 audits. Our process automation and live analytics platform can manage compliance for any controls related to privacy, security, availability, processing integrity or confidentiality.

Yes, you can use Onspring to perform IT audits. Many of our customers lead global IT audit efforts for their organizations and have used Onspring to track & report across business units, manage decentralized audit teams, improve employee experiences with internal audits, promote continuity and effectiveness, and discovered agility for specialized programs, including GDPR, NIST, and ISO regulations.

Yes, you can give your external auditors access to Onspring using our ‘access role’ functionality, which allows you to control the level of access an external auditor will have to your content stored in Onspring.

Many customers provide access to their external auditors, including the “Big Four” (Deloitte, PricewaterhouseCoopers, KPMG, and Ernst & Young) to share real-time information on the status of audits and mitigation efforts. These customers have reported better relationships and lower costs with their external auditors. Both result from faster reporting and project management using Onspring.

Yes, Onspring can produce a final audit report upon completing audit projects. Final audit reports pulled from Onspring include, but are not limited to, roll-up summaries and detailed findings, identified risks with corresponding financial impact, underway mitigation efforts, and team members assigned to remediation. Reports from Onspring can be sent and downloaded in PDF or Word formats.

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You can track testing procedures using Onspring’s real-time reports and dashboards.

It’s common practice for customers using Onspring to design a dashboard that contains multiple reports of different data sets, each filtered by the individual user. This practice eliminates confusion because control testers can log in directly to the specific control testing activities assigned to them within Onspring.

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